What Did Men Wear in the 80s

That is a very valid question, considering all the attention given to women’s fashions of the 80s.

Men had as many choices as women had back then. So, what did men wear in the 80s? It really depends on the clique they were affiliated with.

Let’s shed some light on the sometimes forgotten trends of the 80s for men.

Mens 80s Preppy Style

Whether worn casually or for work, the preppy look was popular in the 80s, especially for men. The bottoms of this outfit were usually khaki pants or shorts, normally tan or blue, and they were always pleated.

If desired, the preppy look could involve jeans, but they were never the ripped, acid-washed variety. These jeans were nice, meaning they were in perfect condition, usually ironed, and, like the khakis, also pleated.

For men’s preppy tops, it was all about the button-down dress shirt, possibly with a nice blazer or knit sweater vest over it, polo shirts with a sweater tied around the shoulders – and anything argyle.

On their feet, the preppy 80s men wore loafers – without socks – leather sandals, or bright white sneakers.

80s Mens Miami Vice Look

This look may be considered slightly preppy, but it was really a force of its own. Made famous by the hit 80s show, Miami Vice, it was a white or light-colored suit with a brightly colored T-shirt underneath.

The sleeves of the suit jacket were always rolled up. Loafers, again without socks, and feathered hair were the perfect accessories, as well as a couple of gold chains and aviator sunglasses.

Punk Look For Men in the 80s

The punk look used a lot of black; black jeans, tight black T-shirts or band shirts, and Doc Marten boots or Converse sneakers. Metal-studded or oversized logo belts were priorities for accessorizing the look.

Complementing the outfit was usually a sky-high mohawk, colored or not, and various jewelry – usually in sterling silver.

80s Mens Business Look

If a man had to wear a suit to work, they usually had to be a little more formal than the Miami Vice look with the T-shirt. Pinstriped suits were all the rage in the 80s, and navy blue, charcoal gray, and black were the most popular shades.

Ties got significantly skinnier in the 80s, with some men opting for bolo ties. Again, loafers would complete the look.

Mens 80s Metal Look

This look employed the use of the newly popular acid-washed jeans. The more beaten up and ripped they were, the cooler they looked. Tight black jeans were also in rotation and paired with a black T-shirt or band shirt, much like the punk look.

Leather jackets were another staple of this look, and were even cooler if they had any amount of metal on them. One of the coolest accessories for metal heads was a bandana to contain all the hair – with a pair of sunglasses propped up on top.

Casual Look for Men in the 80s

A look for any man, no matter what clique he was in, was a simple one. Jeans, acid-washed and ripped or not, were especially popular on the weekends. A favorite band shirt and a denim jacket or polo shirt with a popped collar would be worn on top.

Another casual look took all the guesswork out of what to wear – the 80s tracksuit. They weren’t for everyone, but they always matched and they were always comfortable.

So now, if anyone asks you, What did men wear in the 80s? you will have an answer for them. If you are going to an 80s party, you will probably see more than one of these favorite looks from one of the raddest decades.