Popular in the 80s

The decade that is famous for its loud clothes and music also offered some great music and fun toys.

Many of the fads that were popular in the 80s have come back, and some have never left-sticking it out to become a classic.

Fads that were popular in the 80s

One fad turned classic is the ever-frustrating Rubik’s Cube. Now you can even get one as a keychain.

There were slap bracelets and Swatch watches in a neon rainbow of colors, as were the biggest earrings and longest beaded necklaces you could find.

Arcades were one of the coolest places to be in the 80s, and video games made a huge move into homes everywhere with the Atari, Nintendo, and Sega gaming consoles. As it turns out, video games are huge business now, and most of the games that were so popular in the 80s are just as popular today.

Popular 80s Music

As the decade of heavy metal, pop, and the unofficial beginning of rap, everyone had a favorite type of music. Madonna was the Material Girl who brought us tons of hits, as did the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Thriller was a huge hit, and the music video was just as big, complete with choreographed dances for a large group of zombies.

Hair bands ruled the 80s. Bands like Poison, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, and Guns n’ Roses had everyone playing air guitar and wailing along with them whether it was a rock anthem or power ballad.

The punk/hardcore revolution truly made its move in the 80s, with great bands like Bad Religion, The Misfits, and Dead Kennedys. This revolution also inspired scores of men to shave their heads-just the sides-and rock a mohawk, as well as wear a lot of black with accessories.

Popular Movies in the 80s

The 80s were also full of some fantastic movies from every genre. Bill Murray had a serious gopher obsession in Caddyshack and worked things out army-style in Stripes. The odd got even in Revenge of the Nerds, and a boss had the weekend of his life in Weekend at Bernie’s.

We learned karate by waxing on and waxing off in The Karate Kid and were all quoting The Terminator, I’ll be back, in our best Austrian accent every time we left a room. Tom Cruise was a big name in the 80s and had plenty of women flying to theaters to see Top Gun.

Popular Fashion in the 80s

Shoulder pads and jelly shoes were born in the 80s, as was neon anything, fingerless gloves, and oversized shirts that obscured the entire upper half of women everywhere.

Members Only jackets, popped collars and white suits with t-shirts were staples for the men. There was also a serious sunglasses fad, where they came in every 80s-appropriate color imaginable.

Acid-washed jeans were the must-have item, pegged or not. Most of these jeans were tapered at the ankle, and some were ripped up for the more laid-back crowd. Leggings were another popular bottom of choice, usually worn under a mini skirt or with leg warmers.

Whether or not someone was a child of the 80s, most of the things that were popular in the 80s are still popular today. If they do fade away for a while, just wait…they’ll be back.