Men in the 80s

The 80s were the decade of fashion, music, and great movies.

Men in the 80s could easily identify with somebody or something involved in the 80s, a fashion statement, clique, band, actor, or a little bit of each.

Let’s look back at some manly facets for men in the 80s.

The metal heads or rockers were the guys with the long hair who listened to heavy metal, wore ripped jeans and band tees, and were probably either in a band or wanted to be in one-think Guns n’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Poison, Motley Crue, or Def Leppard.

These guys were hot...from their heads to their feet…with sunglasses, bandanas, ripped jeans, and lots of hair, possibly in the form of a 80s mullet hairstyle.

The 80s preppy men were the straight shooters who went sailing, had a sweater tied around their shoulders, and were off to a great college. They hung out with like-minded men, never the bad influences. More than likely, politics were a topic of conversation or a choice career. They were rich, popular, and could always get what they wanted.

There was also the man’s man-the hard working, down to earth, tell-it-like-it-is type. The man who all his neighbors would flock to when they need something fixed. He would come over with his work boots on, be very handy and would have things fixed quickly. He might have a mullet and/or a thick mustache, stonewashed jeans, a muscle shirt, and spent a lot of time in the garage on a special project.

There was also the hip-hop and rap-loving guys that wore parachute pants and loved bright colors. In their free time, they liked to bust some break-dancing moves on a piece of cardboard laid out on the sidewalk of a busy street to the delight of anyone walking past and wishing they could move like that.

Entertainment had a big influence for the men in the 80s, music in the 80s was like nothing before, or after, the decade. Men had plenty of sources of inspiration. Michael Jackson was a big influence on both music and fashion. Red and black leather jackets, and many variations of them, were a big part of men’s fashion in the 80s.

Hair bands were also a big influence on men’s style, encouraging men to grow out their hair and wrap a bandana around their heads. They also brought us some of the coolest band tees. Many of the bands, and their tees, are still as popular as ever.

Rock anthems like Eye of the Tiger, Hell’s Bells, and Welcome to the Jungle blared from radios whether at home or in their souped-up rides. Men had their choice of some great bands, whether they were into metal, pop, or rap-which also made a big name for itself in the 80s.

Movies like Back to the Future, Die Hard, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars all had great male characters that were a lot of fun to watch and for men to identify with. Some of the greatest action movies were products of the 80s, but both the sci-fi and horror genres were also big, and all of them made great date night flicks.

Men in the 80s had great clothes and cliques, as well as some fantastic movies and music. The 80s were the perfect decade for people to express themselves, and men had just as many options to express themselves as women did.