The 1980s

80s woman with off the shoulder gray top, black fingerless gloves and 80s style acid washed jeans.
Do you remember these 80s trends, packman, wide belts, ruffle skirts, side ponytails, lace gloves, off the shoulder sweatshirts!

The 80s was totally Awesome! It was a decade where everything was just a little bit bigger, a little bit louder, and a little bit brighter. Ok, maybe a lot bigger, louder and brighter.

The 80s is remembered fondly for their extravagant fashions, loud music and of course, big 80s hairstyles. During the 80s, we loved to dance, dressed to the T, and wore our sunglasses at night.

Everything was over the top in the 80s, and everyone – not just the girls – just wanted to have fun!

The 1980s was big fun!

The Rubik's Cube stumped us, an extra-terrestrial with a glowing finger captured our hearts, and the Nintendo Entertainment System had people obsessed with miniscule Italian men who stomped on mushrooms and evildoers.

Exercise mania swept the nation in the 80s, and women donned body suits and leg warmers to melt those extra pounds away with the help of Jane Fonda, while men pulled on track suits and took up jogging.

Teenagers spent their time watching MTV, hanging out at the mall and the arcade, and practicing the Moonwalk.

New Wave, heavy metal and hip hop all gained legions of fans, who blasted their 80s music through the earphones and speakers of Walkmans and ghetto blasters.

We moved to the beat in whole new ways, from break dancing to Walking Like an Egyptian.

80s Movies

In the 80s, movies were one of the most popular forms of entertainment for all ages.

We flocked to the new multiplexes to watch blockbuster hits like Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, and ET: The Extra-Terrestrial (the highest grossing film in the 80s) with the new Dolby sound.

Watching movies at home also became popular as the VCR appeared in homes across the country and video rental stores opened everywhere.

Movies were huge in the 80s, with the Brat Pack leading the way as the coolest young talent in Hollywood. Hits like The Breakfast Club, Ferris and Bueller's Day Off kept youth culture on top.

Business in The 80s

The 80s saw the birth of the "yuppie" – or young, upwardly mobile professional – the wealthy career-minded men and women around whom an entire culture evolved.

The yuppies weren't the only ones with ambition in the 80s though. Men and women alike climbed the corporate ladder, and "power" was the buzzword of the day – as in power suits, power ties, and power lunches.

80s Comedy

If there was one thing we liked to do in the 80s it was to laugh. Comedy clubs became popular, Saturday Night Live kept us home on the weekends, and the sitcom came back to life.

The Cosby Show and Family Ties ushered in a new generation of family-oriented sitcoms. Soon we had shows like Growing Pains and Who's the Boss keeping us in stitches.

Saturday Night Live alumni like Eddie Murphy gave new life to stand-up comedy, performing for packed audiences in huge venues. Many stand-up comics, like Bill Cosby, earned TV shows of their own.

Roseanne Barr's self-titled sitcom blazed new ground for family comedy. If The Cosby Show depicted the family we all wanted to be, Roseanne depicted something a little closer to what we actually were.

80s Drama

TV wasn't all about comedy though. Dramas about the lives of the privileged kept us glued to our screens.

We started the 80s wanting to know "Who shot JR?" on Dallas, and the show stayed on the air right through the decade.

t was joined by the equally popular Dynasty, which we all watched just as much for the fashions worn by the leading ladies as for the plot.

Yes, everything was big in the 80s and nothing was done halfway. It's what made the decade so memorable, and why the 80s will always have a place in our hearts.

A 80s style woman wearing a off the shoulder top with lace gloves and a lot of beads.
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