Colors of the 80s

If any decade is going down in history for its color theme alone, it has to be the 80s. Colors of the 80s could be as extreme as fluorescent neon to as subtle as airy pastels.

Neon, big colors of the 80s!

Thankfully, we were into wearing sunglasses, to help protect our eyes from some of the brightest colors we would ever see. Especially popular with the younger crowd, neon was the raddest thing around.

Every color had its neon counterpart, and the terms hot and electric were two of the best adjectives to describe these colors.

Neon was everywhere in the 80s. Everything involved in fashion took a walk on the bright side throughout the decade – sunglasses, T-shirts, jelly shoes, Swatch watches, jewelry, and more.

The neon trend, quite literally, popped up in art, advertisements, and home decor. Everything from album covers to business signage took advantage of these eye-catching hues.

The younger crowd wanted everything in their room to be neon. Everything from the sheets and comforter on the bed to the posters and decor around the room could be a neon version of itself. Lamps also came in the neon variety, not that you needed too many of them in an already glowing neon room.

Pastels colors of the 80s

Pastels were also a big part of the 80s, and were much more subdued than neon. These were the springy Easter colors that, before the 80s, were usually only seen once a year. The most popular colors were pink, blue, yellow, and green.

These muted colors were extremely popular in interior design, both for furniture and walls. Most shades of pastel looked great together. Pastel paintings, flowers, and even place settings would complement any existing pastel wall.

Pastels were also a favorite fashion trend among the preppy crowd – blouses, cardigans, polo shirts, v-neck sweaters, and even socks were part of the pastel world.

Black and white, simple 80s colors

Whether it was a simple checkerboard, animal print, stripes, or piano keys, bold black and white patterns were popular in the 80s. Featured in everything from fashion and advertising to home decor, these contrasting colors commanded attention.

Black and white patterns were great for backgrounds, as either of these colors could be paired easily with any other color of the rainbow without clashing.

Combination of colors in the 80s

Two bold trends that paired especially well were neon and black and white. The bold patterns that were popular in black and white even started substituting neon in place of either of them. Think hot pink zebra print.

Some big interior design trends during the 80s were unexpected combinations of colors. Mauve and teal was one such combination. These colors looked great mixed and matched on walls and furnishings, and sometimes even wall-to-wall carpeting. Other popular combinations were pink and green, and peach and blue.

Primary colors were also popular in the 80s; red, blue, and yellow were not just for a child’s room anymore. Any combination in any shade, these colors could be found mostly in fashion and home decor.

From fashion to furnishings and everything in between, they all featured the most popular colors of the 80s, whether it was primary, pastel, or the brightest neon. Neon even appears to be back on the fashion radar once again.