Back in the 80s

To the people who remember them, the 80s seem like forever ago.

Back in the 80s, we had a new president, new technology, and all the entertainment we could handle.

80s Technology

Back in the 80s, the computer was just going mainstream. We still didn’t have the internet, but we were able to play games and use word processing programs.

As computers evolved, we had graphical user interfaces, eliminating the need to type everything in command lines and then along came the mouse, making working with the computers that much easier.

Early in the decade, some of us may have still been listening to music on 8-tracks, but they became obsolete with cassette tapes, then cassettes later gave way to compact discs.

To listen to our funky music, we had giant boomboxes that played our favorite mixed tape – the 80s version of a playlist – and the small, portable Walkman.

We were also on the edge of cell phones for the masses. Motorola spent years on research – and millions of dollars to produce the DynaTac.

This was the first real user-friendly mobile phone. It may have been an unwieldy brick and cost thousands of dollars, but this was the first step toward the tiny phones we have today.

80s Entertainment

Some movies that are considered classics today were the biggest blockbusters of the 80s. Some great examples are ‘Ghostbusters,’ ‘Back to the Future,’ ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,’ and ‘Airplane.’

Horror movies spiked in popularity and many installments of horror franchises were released throughout the decade, including a number of ‘Nightmare on Elm Street,’ ‘Friday the 13th,’ and ‘Halloween’ series.

The 80s were also full of action-packed movies like ‘Rocky,’ ‘Rambo,’ ‘Die Hard,’ ‘Terminator,’ and ‘Top Gun.’

Some of the bestselling albums of the 80s were AC/DC’s ‘Back in Black,’ Guns ‘N Roses had an ‘Appetite for Destruction,’ Phil Collins with ‘No Jacket Required,’ and anything by Madonna or Michael Jackson.

80s Gaming

The technology used in video games was nothing like it is today. There were no wireless controllers or 3-D games. They may have been a lot simpler, but they were the raddest things around and most of them are still popular today.

Donkey Kong spawned the huge Mario franchise, which is still coming out with new games. There have also been remakes and ‘retro’ versions of great 80s games released for use in modern consoles.

80s People

Ronald Reagan took office early in the decade and had a plan to help us get out of a recession with what he called ‘Reaganomics.’ This helped Americans keep more of their paychecks, which came in handy for the higher interest rates of the 80s.

There were also different cliques of people; we had the preps, the punks, the rock stars, the hip-hop crowd, and the pop princesses – with Madonna as their queen.

A fashion-savvy and generous Princess Diana was constantly in the news throughout the decade. She was the ‘people’s princess’ and everyone loved her. Among a media frenzy, the entire world watched the ‘Royal Wedding’ of Charles and Diana live on television.

Back in the 80s, people were obsessed with anything futuristic, and the decade delivered. It was also the ‘Golden Age’ of video games and was filled with great movies and music. We were working hard, creating new things, and having a total blast.