80s Watches

Watches are necessary for many people for many reasons; maybe you are busy, have a schedule to keep-and hate being late.

Maybe you just like the look of them; 80s watches were super cool worn as a piece of jewelry, regardless of your need to be on time.

One of the most popular 80s watches was the Swatch watch. The song Time after Time by Cyndi Lauper would have been the perfect theme song for the Swatch watch, due to the sheer amount of them worn—at once.

One watch was awesome, but if you really wanted to be the raddest one the block, you would wear more. Not even just two; it was very trendy to wear three, four, or however many swatches you could fit up your entire forearm.

The Swatch watch had a round face and a rubber wristband, and you could find them in any color to match any outfit. This watch came in neon colors, bold prints, obscure abstract artwork, and even had an accessory all its own—the Swatch guard.

The guard was a piece of rubber that you would stretch over the face of the watch. If you had different colors, you could even twist them together to customize your radical timepiece.

If you got tired of wearing it on your wrist, you could always buckle it on your backpack, or even in your hair…but then you had to ask somebody to check your head to see what time it was.

Another popular watch in the 80s was the Digital Calculator Watches, nothing looked more futuristic than these big, square watches. They became a very big trend in the 80s.

On some models, a chime would go off at the top of every hour, sometimes this could be a little aggravating if you didn’t know how to disable it.

A multitude of high-tech features were now accessible right on your wristwatch. Not only was it a timepiece, but also a calculator, alarm, calendar, stopwatch—even a night light. Casio was one of the hottest sellers of this new wrist candy.

If the calculator watch wasn’t cool enough for you, you could get a watch that let you play games. Nintendo started producing the Game and Watch in 1980, with the first being a juggling game called Ball. They were simple games with just an A button, a B button, and sometimes a cursor.

Other titles included popular characters and variations of different games. Some big names featured were Mickey Mouse, Donkey Kong, Mario, Snoopy, Popeye, and Zelda.

The Game and Watch also came equipped with some favorite games like Pinball, Boxing, as well the wildly popular Punch-Out after its release, and Black Jack.

The decade of excess didn’t just stop with 80s hair and fashion. Some of the most legendary, and versatile, watches ever made were 80s watches.