80s Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been a favorite of interior design for ages. The 80s were also one of the trendiest and most expressive decades ever, subsequently offering some great 80s wallpaper.

Floral 80s Wallpaper

To follow the floral home decor trend, a lot of 80s wallpapers were blooming with flowers.

These wallpapers could have big flowers, small flowers, or any size in between. Sometimes they also had either vertical or horizontal lines at equal intervals to break up what would otherwise be a solid wall of flowers.

Floral wallpaper was extremely versatile, making it easy to pick out two or three colors from the paper itself to coordinate with any furnishings. It was also abundant enough and came in a variety of color schemes that you could easily find a favorite to go with any existing furniture.

Pinks, blues, and peaches were some of the most popular colors in the 80s, and they could be either a background color or the color of the featured flowers.

Geometric and Patterned 80 Wallpaper

Shapes were popular in fashion and furniture, so naturally wallpaper followed suit. These wallpapers would have triangles, squiggly lines, circles, swirls, and patterns resembling brush strokes.

The wallpaper could be bright or bold in colors with contrasting patterns that have a muted, monotone look to them – anything from dark paper with neon patterns to tan paper with a lighter tan pattern.

There were also endless options to decorate a child’s room. Novelty wallpaper was available in anything from Winnie the Pooh to the Smurfs.

80s Wallpaper Colors

Wallpaper in the 80s followed all the favorite colors of interior design. Salmon and teal were popular, as well as pink, blue, and cream.

Pastels were also popular in the 80s, and they would look great in any room of the house. Pastel pinks, blues, peaches, and yellows, among other colors, looked great together in any combination, and would instantly lighten up a room.

Dark colored wallpaper, with any pattern, would be used to add drama to a room, or to make a large room look smaller. Hunter green, navy blue, and deep mauves and teals were good choices for the background color of this wallpaper.

80s Wallpaper Borders

If you were afraid to commit to wallpapering the entire room, borders were a way to add some interest to plain walls. Painting the walls with a coat of any of the in colors of the 80s made a great blank slate.

These borders could be pasted at either the top or middle of the wall, and could be found in any pattern that wallpaper could be found in. Sometimes wallpapers had a matching or corresponding border to use on top of the wallpaper itself, or to use in a different room. This could be used to pull together the decor of the entire house.

Using wallpaper as part of home decor is a great way to transform a room almost instantly, and 80s wallpaper did it in style.  Whether you liked pastel swirls, bold triangles, cutesy cartoons, or neutral floral patterns, there were more than enough styles to choose from.