80s Trends for Men

The 80s were by far one of the trendiest decades. No matter what kind of cliques, interests, or styles he may have had, there were always plenty of 80s trends for men.

Members Only Jackets

This was one of the biggest 80s trends for men. Made by the brand Members Only, these jackets were must-have items.

Their marketing was genius; ‘When you put it on, something happens.” Everyone wanted to find out what that something was.

They were simple enough jackets with an elasticized waist and wrists, a two-snap collar, and shoulder straps, or epaulettes, which would add that something special to the garment.

They came in a variety of colors, but the most popular were shades of blue and burgundy as well as black, gray and tan.

Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

These sunglasses were actually designed in 1952 and would keep coming back as the hottest item to own.

They were never as hot as they were in the 80s. The ‘Blues Brothers’ wore them, as well as Tom Cruise in ‘Risky Business.’ They were also spotted on celebrities such as Jack Nicholson, Debbie Harry, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elvis Costello, and many more.

Skinny Ties

The skinny tie was the newest trend in neckwear, and was a big change compared to the wide ties of the 70s.

These ties were only about two inches wide and came in any color or pattern that was popular in the 80s, but if you wanted to be totally awesome, you’d wear a leather one.

Pastel Colors

The 80s brought a completely new color palette to mens fashion. Polo shirts, dress shirts, and sweaters were some of the more popular items to apply this trend. Pastel pinks, blues, greens, and yellows were pretty much the new black.

Going ‘Prep’

Alex P. Keaton wasn’t the only preppy young man of the decade. The prep movement caught on early in the decade.

You also didn’t have to be one to dress like one. You could hop on the preppy bandwagon with just a pair of khakis and a dream.

Popped Collars

Wearing clothes in an innovative way was as trendy as an entirely new style. Polo shirts, dress shirts, and denim jackets – anything with a collar, really – got an extra boost of awesomeness with a simple flip of the collar. The preps would tie a sweater around their shoulders, further adding to this trend.

Parachute Pants

Made from rip-stop nylon in any color, these trendy parachute pants began as a tool for break-dancers – the nylon was perfect for executing tricky moves. Whether you were part of the scene or not, the pants were still pretty darn cool as a fashion trend.

Trends in Hair

The ‘business in the front, party in the back’ mullet megatrend was a popular style in the 80s. The top could be big and feathered or short and spiky. The back was free to just be itself and grow as long as desired.

Whether a mullet or not, hair got longer for men during the decade – and the metal hair bands of the day made it even more popular.

For a more classic and conservative look, many men went with a short cut, but kept it a little longer on the top to part and feather this cool new style.

There was never a shortage of new ways to look rad during the decade. Some of these 80s trends for men have come back throughout the years – while some are distant memories.