80s T Shirts

Originally worn mostly as an undershirt with a uniform or for exceptionally dirty jobs, the t shirt is now cool fashion statement.

T shirts are cheap, expressive and easily washed.

The classic 80s t shirts, say comfortable, cool, and look at me.

The 80s style t shirt could be anything you can imagine, a bright neon color, a favorite band, brand or slogan.

Wearing a 80s t shirt is a perfect way to make a fashion statement, and 80s t shirts are coming back in a huge way.

80s Band T Shirts

The 80s were the decade of the hair band, so it’s no surprise that the hottest bands of the day made their way to this iconic garment. AC/DC, Motley Crue, Van Halen and Bon Jovi were just some of the bands featured on the most popular 80s t shirts.

The girls had Madonna, the Bangles, and Cyndi Lauper. Widely available at almost any store, these tees were definitely cool, but the shirts sold at the band’s actual concerts were the best.

Any of these these shirts were perfect for lopping off the arms and turning it into a muscle tee.

The Slogan 80s T Shirt

A decade of the slogan t shirt, the 80s were one of the most expressive decades. Slogans like Where’s the Beef, Frankie Say Relax, Choose Life and Don’t Worry be Happy were some of the big ones.

The slogan t shirt would have political messages, song lyrics, company slogans, catchphrases or any type of witty sarcasm.

80s Cartoon Tees

The popularity of t shirts was not just limited to bands and slogans. Classic characters, even pre-80s, such as Mickey Mouse, Speed Racer, Donald Duck and Betty Boop were now cool once again.

Of course, the 80s were not only famous for the fashions and music, but some of the best cartoons ever made.

Some of the most iconic cartoon characters are products of the 80s: The Smurfs, Care Bears, Transformers, Thundercats, He Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Garfield, Inspector Gadget, and Danger Mouse.

These characters were on t shirts for not only kids, but for the adults that loved them and still wear them today.

The Plain T Shirt

The solid color t shirt was as versatile as ever in the 80s. They were mandatory for the Miami Vice look; plain, but brightly colored, t shirts were the shirt of choice under white or pastel suits.

The plain t shirt was also now available in a multitude of neon colors, often oversized with the excess fabric tied off to the side with a scrunchie.

80s Graphic Tee

T shirts followed all the pattern trends of the 80s as well. The paint-splattered look was very in. They could be any color palette, but were usually very bright.

Other abstract patterns were also huge in the 80s, including geometric shapes like triangles and stripes that covered these shirts in true 80s style.

A dresser full of 80s t shirts would probably have a few of each of these styles. Some might even have the infamous shoulder pads stitched right into them.

The 80s were a decade of freedom in fashion and expression, anything went. T shirts, as simple as they are, were no exception.