80s Sweaters

Sweaters are a necessary garment, especially in winter. As with every fashion trend in the 80s, there were tons of styles.

The most popular colors and patterns were often mixed together, making for some very interesting 80s sweaters.

Bold 80s Sweater

Also known as the ‘Cosby Sweater,’ these bright and busy 80s sweaters were everywhere. They were a basic style – knit cotton with a crew neck and long sleeves with elasticized wrists – but were far from plain.

You could find any abstract or geometric patterns on these sweaters and they usually covered the entire garment. They could also feature animals, landscapes or flowers – anything went – and the coolest sweaters were bright, bold, and oversized.

The women’s variety would have extra decorations sewn onto the already busy patterns – beads, sequins, crystals – anything bright and sparkly.

There were a couple drawbacks to this type of sweater; the decorations would get caught on things or fall off in the wash, and would even feel heavy when wearing it.

The Holiday Sweater

Right up there with the bold sweaters of the day – and rivaling the ‘Cosby’ style – were the holiday themed sweaters.

These sweaters featured snowflakes, candy canes, Santa, snowmen, reindeer, and even entire winter scenes. There would frequently be extra pieces of décor sewn onto the design, especially bells. Rudolph, of course, would have a red jingle bell for a nose.

80s Cardigans

The classic cardigan had a deep neckline and row of center buttons. They could be ‘Cosby’ style, but the most popular were in soft shades of pastel. They could be solid colors or feature a pattern. Hearts, stripes, and checkerboard patterns were all popular at the time, and they were normally in horizontal rows around the body of the sweater.

You could wear anything under them – tank tops, T-shirts, dress shirts, or turtlenecks – it all depended on the weather and your personal tastes.

V-Necks Sweaters

Deep V-necks were huge during the 80s. The most popular style were cable-knit and in solid colors, as bright as you wanted.

Some styles were reversible, with a deep V on one side and a scoop neck on the other. Wearing the V in the back could show off a bright racer-back bra, and if you wore it in front, you could splash in some contrasting color with a bright tank top.

80s Sweater Vest

This was another favorite among the preppy crowd – both male and female. They were either crew neck or V-neck and often worn over a dress shirt and paired with pleated khaki pants or a skirt.

The sweater vest was a great alternative to a bulky sweater, especially when it would be too hot for both a dress shirt and long sleeved sweater.

They also weren’t exclusively for preps. They found a place in casual wear when people started wearing them over a plain T-shirt and with a great pair of jeans

No matter where in the world you lived or what your style was, there were some fantastic 80s sweaters to tie around your shoulders or keep you warm – and look rad at the same time.