80s Swatch Watch

A hot craze, 80s Swatch watches were more than clocks for your wrist and they did more than keep time.

They were a way to express yourself during one of the raddest decades in history.

The term ‘Swatch’ is actually short for second watch. They were for the weekends when there was a need for a more fun and durable watch, taking the place of the typical dressy or work style watch.

The 80s Swatch watch, in its basic form, was a moderate to small sized watch face with a flexible rubber wristband. That’s about as basic as it gets, but Swatches did not go for just basic.

They came in any color from classic black or white to an array of bright neon. They could be hot pink, electric blue, fluorescent yellow and any other eye-catching hue. They also came in wild patterns like animal prints and geometrical or abstract designs.

There were also some clear 80s swatch watches, where you could see all the gears, in addition to a glow in the dark Halley’s Comet Swatch.

These awesome watches even had interchangeable faces and bands. Color was a big part of the 80s, and the ability to mix and match different faces and bands made these watches incredibly versatile. It was easy to accessorize any outfit with a couple of quick snaps.

You also had the option to accessorize your watch accessory. There were face guards available in every color of the rainbow. You could match or contrast any part of the watch, right down to the second hand.

One of the coolest things to do with these guards was to twist two contrasting colors together and wear them on the watch that way.

A clear, glow in the dark watch with a mismatched band and a couple of awesome guards on it was undeniably cool, but the way it was worn could make it even cooler.

One of the biggest trends in the 80s was to wear as many of these watches as possible at the same time. A rainbow of brightly colored watches would cover entire forearms. If you wanted, you could set them to any time zone so you would know what time it was all around the world. The trick was remembering which one was which.

Another big trend with these watches in the 80s was to wear them upside down on your wrist. It was worn with the buckle on top and the face on the underside of your wrist. You would flip your wrist back to check the time and look totally rad doing it.

You could also buy special Swatch Pops, these Pops also let you attach your Swatch to backpacks, purses, shoelaces – anywhere you needed or wanted a watch.

No matter how you wore them, 80s Swatch watches were versatile and fun. They were a splash of color that looked great even with the wildest outfits. Oh, and they also told time!