80s Style for Women

Compared to the understated fashions of today, 80s style for women was big and wild – sometimes literally.

There was never a shortage of outfit ideas or different ways to wear them.

80s Womens Pop Style

Possibly the most memorable 80s style for women was the pop look. It soared in popularity with the help of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, and it was all about the hottest trends of the day.

Mini-skirts, usually ruffled or tulle, and anything lace was essential to create the right look. Neon or black capri-length leggings or lace tights would be worn under the skirt. Converse sneakers, Doc Marten boots, or even high heels went perfectly with this outfit – even with slouch socks or leg warmers.

This style had trend from head to toe. Hair bows on headbands or made using a great scarf would complement trendy teased hair and the bigger the better – on both counts.

Lace tops with bright tanks underneath or bustier-style tops could be mixed or matched, making this a very versatile style.

Black eyeliner and curled lashes with lots of mascara put plenty of focus on the eyes adding to the wild look, as did layers of rubber bracelets and beaded necklaces.

Womens 80s Preppy Style

The womens 80s preppy look was the total opposite of the pop look. It was more conservative and used subdued colors with classic garments.

Khaki pants, skirts, or shorts were a staple in this wardrobe. They were usually paired with a popped-collar polo shirt, with or without a sweater tied around the shoulders.

Floral dresses and dress shirts were another mainstay, and they usually had shoulder pads. Hair was feathered to perfection and simple accessories such as pearls and skinny belts would tie everything together.

80s Trendy and Cool Style for Women

Being trendy was easy in the 80s. This look would come together with the help of any of the newest trends of the day.

Acid-washed jeans, especially if they were designer, were one of the coolest items you could have in your closet. They were tight, pegged, and typically worn with any oversized top – another hot trend of the 80s – such as an off-shoulder sweatshirt or huge neon T-shirt.

Slouch socks, jelly shoes, and leg warmers also went perfectly with this hip look, as well as a great pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.

Womens Power Dressing in the 80s

This was for all the powerful women that took the workforce by storm in the 80s. Power dressing for women meant taking ideas from men’s business fashion.

Blazers and pantsuits would all have shoulder pads and would frequently use the same fabrics and patterns – like pinstripes – found in men’s suits, but would sometimes put a feminine spin on it by using a splash of color.

A sleek hairdo, subdued makeup, and simple jewelry would polish the sophisticated, powerful look created to compete with the men.

80s Punk Style for Women

Keeping it hip and mysterious, punk style used a lot of basic black with flashes of bright colors in anything from accessories to T-shirts – even hair color.

Tight black jeans and a band shirt were the perfect outfit to accessorize. Some popular accessories were a great pair of sunglasses, a metal-studded belt, and Converse sneakers or black boots.

The decade was full of all sorts of new trends and hot colors, making 80s style for women both fun and versatile. There was something for everyone, no matter what style you chose.