80s Shoes

After a while, the pants, shirts and skirts at the local clothing store all start to look the same.

There’s really only so much mixing and matching we can do to try to set ourselves apart from the crowd.

That’s why lot of people like to express their personality by wearing unique shoes that really show off their individual style, and there is no better way to stand out than to wear footwear people will notice, 80s shoes.

Miami Vice-style topsiders and ballet flats seem to go in and out of style every few summers, but a lot of shoe brands that got their big break in the 80s are still going strong today.

This means that when you start looking for a pair of 80s shoes that is absolutely perfect for your style, you will have a huge selection to choose from, especially if you shop on the Internet. Here are a few of the best 80s shoes for you to wear today:


Although the brand had been around for a long time, it wasn’t until the 1980s that Puma as street wear really took off. Perfect for break dancing back in the day – especially with fat, laces for an even more comfortable fit – plain black Pumas with the white stripe are a true classic, but they come in a wide variety of other color combinations, too.

It doesn’t matter which colors you finally decide on, as long as you make sure to get your pair in suede if you’re going for an authentic look.


This 80s sneaker is practically an icon, and any conversation about its influence has to note that Run-D.M.C. has an entire song praising these shoes. The way you wear the shoes makes a slight difference if you want an 80s look, Adidas were the definitive hip-hop shoes.

By the time the shoe hit the malls and suburbs of America, people were wearing these shoes and they were popular, so this shoe style is a good choice for an 80s look.

Converse All-Stars

This brand has never seemed to falter from its simple, understated and extremely popular design. Chuck Taylors are still in high demand today, but most people choose the ones that are styled with graffiti or other types of outlandish prints.

If you want to go retro, you’ll need to buy these 80s shoes in classic, solid colors, such as plain black, red, or green. Pastels are another way to get the 80s look, but don’t stray too far from these solid colors.

All of these shoes can be worn with different types of clothing, either modern styles or completely retro fashion, so you will definitely find the right pair of 80s shoes for your personality and that you won’t see on anyone else.