Rock and Roll in the 80s

Bruce Springsteen had two of the best-selling albums of the decade, proving that old school rock and roll still held a place in the hearts of listeners.

Meanwhile, a new brand of rock was climbing the charts with a heavier sound and a harder look.

Hard rock and heavy metal were the new rock sound in the 80s.

The music was loud, unapologetic and wildly popular with the people of the 80s. With heavy electric guitars and driving beats, bands like Poison, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, and Bon Jovi became the new face of rock.

Whether it was the lighter and more mainstream sounds of groups like Van Halen to the angry and darker music of Metallica, these bands rocked the stage and the radio too.

The rock bands were no slouches on the charts either, with AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses both holding spots in the top five best-selling albums in the 80s.

Rock and roll wasn’t all about men in the 80s. Female rockers like Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Pat Benetar made a name for themselves as well.

Bands like Vixen, Blondie, and Heart all put female rock on the map and made the 80s the decade where the ladies rocked just as hard as the guys – opening the door for a whole new world of female music to follow after the 80s.

Another new sound known as soft rock, or light rock emerged in the 80s as well. With a sound that was friendlier to conservative and older listeners, radio was filled with the lighter sounds of the likes of Foreigner, Journey, Hall & Oates and REO Speedwagon.

The sound became so popular that entire radio stations were dedicated to it, and had large followings.

There’s no doubt about it when it came to 80s rock and roll music – from Springsteen to Metallica, the decade definitely rocked!