80s Party

An 80s party has been all the rage pretty much since the decade ended.

In the gloomy 90’s, the people who had just lived through the party decade were nostalgic for the fun of days past, and time has done nothing to reduce the appeal.

An 80s party is always a hit with guests, and throwing a successful party requires just a few easy steps!

Here are some 80s party ideas.

80s Party Invitations

For your 80s party start with the invitations, because they are the key to making sure everyone knows what the party is all about! You can easily print your own at home, or look online for pre-made templates.

Use 80s slang like “Totally Awesome”, “Radical”, and “Excellent”.  Bright colors and geometric shapes are great for an 80s party and will make your invitation stand out and immediately give a feel of the 80s.

Finally, make sure to indicate that you want your guests to arrive in costume! If there is a particular theme to the party, the 80s party invitation should state it.

80s Party Theme

Speaking of themes, there are a number of great ideas to choose from for an 80s party theme. You could choose to throw an 80s prom party.

Guests could shop at thrift stores in search of vintage prom dresses, and be photographed as they enter the door for a prom album – use a photo printer to give everyone a copy of their picture to take home!

Another fun 80s party theme is a Thriller party. Guests can choose to dress in their best Michael Jackson look, appear as the female star of the video, or arrive in full zombie makeup.

Put Thriller on when everyone has arrived, and see if you can all remember the moves!

A third idea is to ask everyone to appear as their favorite 80s celebrity, and enter on a red carpet. The costume ideas are endless!

80s Music for you Party

Music is a key component to any 80s party, because it was so much a part of daily life. If you are planning to hire a DJ, make sure to discuss what type of 80s music you would like to hear.

No matter what music you personally like from the 80s, remember that most guests enjoy hearing the songs they remember well and can sing along with, so make sure to include many of the most popular songs of the era.

If you are throwing an 80s prom themed party, you will want to include some of the favorite ballads of the day for slow dancing 80s style!

80s Party Decorations

Decorating for your 80s party involves a few simple themes. Decorate with bright geometric shapes, mirrors and balloons.

Find cool 80s band and movie posters to cover the walls. Pick a selection of 80s movies, or make a DVD of 80s music videos and have them running on a TV screen without sound.

You could also run a slideshow of photos from the 80s, and even better if you can get your hands on some photos of your actual guests from their 80s days!

80s Party Games.

Add some fun to your 80s party by leaving popular 80s games like Trouble, Operation, and Connect Four out for guests to enjoy.

Play a game of “Who Am I?” by sticking the name of an 80s star to each guest’s back as they arrive, and have them spend the night trying to figure out who they have been labeled as by asking questions of other party-goers.

The key to a good 80s party is to keep it fun, light-hearted and to get as much participation from the guests as possible.

Get everyone in the spirit and your 80s party will be a blast from the past everyone will be talking about!

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