80s Party Decor

Throwing a party is always fun, and theme parties are even more fun—especially if they are 80s parties.

Like the decade, 80s party decor has to be bright, loud, and totally awesome.

Although it is essential to ask everybody to dress appropriately, it is just as important to have the right 80s party decor to avoid the dreaded time-clash.


80s Party Decor Basics

No party is complete without balloons, table covers, streamers, and food. All the basics of the 80s party decor should be in bright 80s colors-even neon.

Favorite 80s colors are any bright colors you like, but green, yellow, pink, orange, and blue-or any combination of those colors-will work for balloons, streamers, table covers, plates, etc.

If you want, you could go with black and white checkerboard or keyboard-like stripes for some of these, and use the bright colors as accents. For example, a black and white checkered tablecloth on all of the tables and neon yellow, pink, or green plates. Napkins could either match or contrast the plates.

The accent colors are the most fun, and because it is an 80s party, there really is no limit to how many colors to use. Party planners would probably suggest keeping it to two or three accent colors at the most, but this is an 80s party and it has to be colorful.

80s Fun Party Decor Stuff

Now that you have the basics, it is time to tie it all together in one radical package. This is the fun part.

One popular choice is to find 80s movie and music posters and slap them up all over the walls. Make sure you keep everything 80s appropriate with all the biggest hit movies and most popular bands album covers.

Wall decor could also take the form of popular 80s items, such as cassette tapes, roller skates, Rubik’s Cubes, boom boxes, even 80s slang words and quotes in bright colors and funky 80s fonts.

There were some great games to play in the 80s, so as a decor that does double duty, stack up some board games like Battleship, Operation, Taboo, or Trouble. You could even use Twister as a wall hanging then take it down to play during the party.

Other cool 80s party items could be, mini Rubik’s Cubes, cheap neon sunglasses, rubber bracelets, slap bracelets and any kind of retro candy like Bit-O-Honey, Chiclets, Candy Buttons, Lemonheads, Nerds, and Pixy Stix will have everybody scrambling to grab some.

Once again, all parties are fun, but an 80s party is a blast. With the proper 80s decor, a room can really feel like quite the time warp. Keep the awesome music on, a great 80s movie on the television, and party like it’s 1989.