80s Outfit Ideas

Do you need some 80s outfit ideas for an 80s party, special event, or just for fun.

80s clothes were bold and very cool so putting together an 80s outfit would be just rad!

Dig through a closet, dust off the leg warmers, and get out the hairspray, this is going to be totally awesome.

The Madonna 80s Outfit

This look is probably the most fun of all the 80s outfit ideas.

Start with a pair of capri-length leggings, brightly colored tights or fishnet pantyhose. You can even layer the fishnets over the bright leggings or tights.

A mini-skirt or tulle skirt is an ideal choice, especially if it has lace. For the top, wear either a plain black tank top or two different colored tank tops and layer them, then layer a lace shirt over the tank tops.

To complete this 80s look, put on as many necklaces as possible. Long strands of beads, pearls and chains are ideal.  Don’t forget big earrings and armfuls of rubber bracelets.

Wear a large bow in your curled and teased hair, and you’re done.

The 80s Flashdance Outfit

This is one of the easier outfits to pull off because of its pure simplicity. The bottoms are just a pair of leggings with a pair of leg warmers worn over them.

Next, you’ll need an oversized, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt worn over a contrasting color tank top. Slip on a pair of heels or flats and you’re done, but don’t forget to curl and tease your hair.

Classic 80s Clothes

Bottoms are either a tight mini-skirt, acid-washed or stonewashed jeans, with the jeans pegged. To peg your jeans, just fold over the excess fabric at the ankle and roll up a couple of times.

If you go with a skirt, wear a pair of leggings underneath. For the top, either an oversized sweatshirt or dress shirt with a wide belt worn low on the hips will look totally cool.

Add some high tops and a side ponytail or a big hair bow, and this 80s outfit is complete.

80s Outfit Ideas for the Men

The Miami Vice look is a classic 80s look. Start with a pastel or white suit worn with a brightly colored t shirt and the sleeves of the jacket rolled up. Wearing loafers with no socks is a must, as well as a few days of stubble.

The casual McFly look is all about layers. Start with a band shirt followed by a dress shirt and a denim jacket - pop that collar - and finally a down vest. The best choice for the bottoms is a pair of stonewashed jeans. Complete the look with a pair of high tops and some feathered hair.

If you want to go for a wilder look, you could go all rock. Either tight acid-washed jeans or black spandex would both be a good start.

On top, wear a tight black t shirt or band shirt with a leather vest. Complete the look with a long wig and bandana around your head.

The 80s were full of fun fashions, so go wild with any of these 80s outfit ideas. You will look rad no matter which one you choose.