80s Music Hits

The 80s music hits were the cream of the crop from a decade filled with new and groundbreaking 80s music sounds and artists.

The top 80s music hits that were early in the decade showed some carryover from the late 70s.

Blondie’s Call Me and Lipps, Inc.’s Funkytown both holding the number one spot on the Billboard music charts in 1980.

But as the decade progressed, the 80s music hit songs changed and started to really demonstrate what the 1980s were all about.

The early to mid 80s brought an explosion of music hits from John Cougar Mellencamp, like Jack & Diane, and Rick Springfield’s Jessie’s Girl.

Olivia Newton-John’s song Physical rode the tide of an exercise craze to the top of the charts.

1984 and 1985 were the years that belonged to pop superstars Michael Jackson and Madonna, with music hits like Billie Jean, Beat It, Like a Virgin and Crazy For You that launched them both to new heights of fame and fortune in the music industry.

Around the same time, Cyndi Lauper hit the music charts with Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Time After Time.

The mid 80s also brought us huge hits like Careless Whisper by Wham! Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love of All, and the multi-star mega hit We Are the World, the most famous charity music recording of all time.

Towards the end of the 80s, hard rock bands started to ascend the charts. Bon Jovi’s 80s music hit Livin’ On a Prayer joined Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again on the music Billboard charts in 1987.

In 1988, Guns N’ Roses music hit Sweet Child of Mine hit number one. Still, pop music continued to churn out the top hits – about as far from hard rock as possible, music sensations Tiffany and Debbie Gibson each had big music hits with Could’ve Been and Lost in Your Eyes respectively.

80s music hits were the soundtrack for a new generation and a whole new outlook on life in America.

Woman holding a small cassette player boombox.