80s Makeup

80s makeup had a heavy hand and a brightly colored palette. Women had a lot of fun with 80s makeup, and expressed their individuality as well. After all, a womans 80s makeup had to go with her 80s fashion!

The basics of every womans makeup bag in the 80s were bold eye shadows, dark red and pink matte lipsticks, heavy foundation, dark blush, black eyeliner and mascara. These basics cosmetics could be used to create any one of the popular looks of the 80s.

All the makeup in he 80s was applied heavily. Foundations were meant to make the face look even and without pores (still a goal of most makeup today), but nothing else aimed for a natural look.

The blush was applied heavily and visibly, not blended to look natural. It often went up into the hair line, or was applied to the hollows of the cheeks to make the cheekbone stand out.

Eye shadows in bright colors such as blue and pink were also used heavily, and more than one color on a single eyelid was quite common.The bright colors weren’t limited to the lid, but continued up to the eyebrow.

The eyes were finished with dark liner on both the upper and lower lids and several coats of mascara on all the lashes.

Matte lipstick in shades of red and pink were worn on the natural lip line.

The dramatic “cat’s eye” was also a popular 80s makeup look. It involved very dark eye liner and shadow that surrounded the eye and continued out at an angle from the outer corners towards the temple.

Women didn’t corner the market on the 80s makeup trend, it was the decade when men got into the makeup act too!

Black eyeliner, mascara, and blush weren’t uncommon on men, and they sometimes even wore eye shadow and lipstick too!

Two woman who are dressed in 80s style clothing are putting on makeup.
A woman that is wearing a lot of 80s style makeup.