80s Makeup and Hair

There was no better way to accessorize the best 80s fashions than with 80s makeup and hair.

Makeup was an easy and versatile way to experiment with the wild colors of the decade. With the assistance of some serious hair products, styles were big and gravity defying.

80s Makeup

Do you remember the natural look of the 70s? It was nowhere to be found during the 80s.

Some 80s makeup and hair were as unnatural as could be expected for the decade, and piled on in layers. Yes, it was definitely the decade of excess.

Bright blue eye shadow was the predominant trend; sometimes covering the entire lid all the way up to the eyebrows. Of course there was always the smoky eye look that required dark grays and black, and the 80s smoky look was particularly dark.

Other hot colors were purple, green, and orange, and it was more than okay to wear contrasting colors—one for the lower lid and another up to the brows.

To complement the eye shadow, matching—or not—eyeliner would outline the entire eye. The same bright colors found in eye shadows always had matching eyeliner, and like the shadows, two separate colors were even radder.

In addition to the eye shadows and eyeliners, brightly colored mascaras were also a big trend. Blues and purples were especially popular, and some of them went the extra mile with a hefty dose of glitter infused throughout.

These 80s eyes would not be complete without a heavy-handed dose of blush. Bright pink and orange were the most popular colors, and they were meant to accentuate the cheekbones.

Lipstick has always been available in a multitude of colors, and this decade simply outdid itself. There was the classic red, but it was brighter than usual. Orange, ‘frosted’ colors, hot pink or any wild neon color—if you were brave enough—were the newest ‘in’ colors.

80s Hair

It’s no secret that the 80s were the decade of big hair. Aqua Net sold like hotcakes, and most everyone had gel and mousse on their bathroom counter.

Teasing, crimping, or curling gave straight hair the necessary volume, and to avoid extra time in the bathroom, women flocked to the salon for perms. This look was especially popular worn with long hair, further adding to the dimensions.

Bangs were another big part of 80s hair. The look usually required a curling iron and lots of teasing followed by at least a five-second spray with an extra strong hair spray.

This look usually spared the front layer of bangs; they stayed down straight and curled under, making the bangs that were curled up and feathered back look that much bigger.

The punk movement also made an impact on hairstyles. Spiky, asymmetrical cuts were popular, and some women even wore mohawks.

Hair color and copious amounts of bleach were a big part of the 80s hair scene. Platinum blonde, thanks in part to Madonna, was one of the most sought-after colors. Deep auburn was another trendy color, and there was always the option of going super bright.

Unnatural neon colors like purple, pink, and orange made for some rad highlights—or the entire head.

Most 80s makeup and hair was bright and complemented the bold fashions that the 80s are so famous for. With an array of different colors to choose from, women had an option for every day of the week to complement even the wildest 80s outfit.

Two women that have hair and makeup style from the 1980s.