80s Look

The 80s decade of excess unleashed, never seen before fashion that has since become synonymous with the stereotypical 80s look.

The 80s hair, clothes, and makeup all had to work together to pull off a cool 80s look.

Whether the look complemented the clique or had a mind of its own, they were all full of 80s goodness.

80s Pop Princess Look

This is possibly the most recognizable 80s look, and the one made famous by the Material Girl herself, Madonna.

This look included lots of lace, black eyeliner, and teased hair. Mini-skirts over leggings—sometimes two pairs—were a big part of this look. The shoes were contradictory, depending on the mood, and could be jelly shoes, high heels or combat boots.

Giant hair bows, fingerless lace gloves, and layers of necklaces and rubber bracelets were the perfect finishing touches.

80s Punk Look

The punk look took the innocent safety pin and made it a big part of fashion. Sometimes it was functional, holding pieces of fabric together. Other times it was pinned on—in multiples—for the sake of sheer edginess.

This look required a lot of black; black t-shirts, tight black jeans, and black hair. When not wearing black, neon and plaid also made the rotation. Mohawks and other gravity-defying hairstyles ruled, sometimes bleached and every color of the rainbow. Studded belts and chokers, multiple zippers, and Doc Marten boots were the accessories of choice.

80s Metal Look

Heavy metal and hair bands also had a distinctive look. It usually started with acid-washed or black jeans that were tight and ripped.

A muscle tee, frequently made out of a band tee, made a perfect top. The hair had to be big, both horizontally and vertically, and commonly wrapped in a bandana—unless it was a mullet, which needed no further accessorizing.

80s Preppy Look

The preppy look had nothing to do with ripped jeans or neon. This look made use of pleated khaki pants or shorts and, for the men, a pair of loafers sans socks.

A light-colored polo shirt with a popped collar and a sweater tied around the shoulders or a dress shirt under a sweater would complement the khakis. Argyle and cricket sweaters were also trends among the preppy crowd.

This look usually just said no to mullets, opting instead for a feathered look. Preppy women kept things simple, with khaki skirts, tennis shoes, and minimal makeup.

Other 80s Looks

Other popular looks included a pair of 80s jeans that were pegged and acid-washed, possibly ripped, with either an oversized t-shirt or sweatshirt.

Jelly shoes and high-top sneakers were popular footwear, and girls loved wearing slouch socks and leg warmers—sometimes in layers.

For the men, there was the Miami Vice look—a white or light-colored suit with a bright t-shirt underneath. This look would look even cooler with the sleeves of the jacket rolled up.Feathered hair, gold chains and aviator sunglasses would enhance the coolness of this look.

Everybody had their favorite 80s look, whether it was jelly shoes and fingerless lace gloves or a band shirt and ripped jeans—from neon mohawks to blue khakis, and everything in between.

From the simple to the outrageous, the 80s had unique looks that will be remembered forever, and some are back in the spotlight once again.