80s Jewelry

80s Jewelry was a big part of fashion in the decade. Most 80s jewelry was big, bright, and eye catching, following and complementing all the hottest trends in fashion.

Madonna was a big trendsetter in both fashion and 80s jewelry. Giant crucifixes were popular on long chain necklaces and as oversized earrings.

Long strands of beads were another one of those 80s trends that came in a rainbow of colors to suit even the brightest outfits.

They could be either large or small beads, but either way they were super long, even belly button length, and were usually layered in multiples to create a complicated, colorful look. Neon was popular, but so was black.

If you were lucky enough, you had real ones, but most of the pearls we wore in the 80s were really just white beads that looked like pearls. Whether they were long strands or another 80s jewelry favorite, the choker, they looked great dressed up or down. They also looked great mixed in with long chains.

Earrings in the 80s were big, bold, and heavy. There was anything from hoops and feathers to spirals and chandeliers. Hoops came in any size, thickness, or color; and although neon was a favorite, animal prints like leopard and zebra were also popular.

Long, dangly spiral shaped earrings in every color were a staple in every jewelry box, as were massive chandelier earrings.

An awesome but annoying addition to earrings during the 80s were big, dangly earrings made of feathers in either natural or brightly dyed colors. These almost shoulder length earrings would swing around and tickle your neck. They usually had more than one or two feathers, and sometimes incorporated beads.

Rubber bracelets were one of the biggest trends in jewelry during the 80s. The fact that Madonna and other major pop stars wore them made these bracelets must have items. Luckily, they were reasonably cheap, because they were worn up the entire forearm – as many as you could fit.

Bangles were another favorite bracelet of the 80s. They were made of hard plastic or metal and came in any color or pattern. Plastic bangles were especially popular in bright neon colors or wild pattern. They could be perfectly round circles, wavy circles, or even squares.

Since the 80s were all about lots of everything, charm bracelets saw a surge in popularity. These metal or plastic linked bracelets started out simple enough, but you could add as many charms as you wanted to them.

Some popular charms in the 80s were roller skates, whistles, animals, food items, shoes – pretty much anything. Some of them had bells attached to them and would jingle every time you moved your arm.

Of course, this was the 80s. All this fantastic 80s Jewelry looked even cooler when worn together. If it looked like you were wearing every piece from your jewelry box, you were on your way to looking rad.