80s Jeans

Jeans have been a staple of fashion for decades.

The cut and the color have gone through countless transformations, but the ideal pair of 80s jeans were definitely very different from those that came before them.

Just the mere mention of ‘acid wash’ will immediately provoke thoughts of the 80s.

Some of the popular brands of 80s jeans were Guess, the priciest, these jeans were also the most coveted. They came complete with the famous logo that any self-respecting fashion connoisseur just had to have.

Other brands like Jordache, Calvin Klein, Chic, Sassoon, and Gloria Vanderbilt all had their own unique designs on the back pockets with contrasting stitching that could identify, at a glance, what brand they were.

The way 80s jeans were.

Unlike the loose, hip-hugging bell-bottoms of the 70s, jeans in the 80s were much tighter, with tapered ankles. The tapered ankles of these jeans were especially convenient for wearing under slouch socks and leg warmers.

These style jeans, in their most basic form, were essential in the closets of both men and women.  The waist of women’s jeans rose to about the natural waistline of the body, and though higher than hip-huggers, the waist of the men’s jeans stayed relatively low.

The Color

The most prominent color jeans were shades of blue that were acid-washed, stonewashed, or bleached. Any process that made the jeans look like they had been worn for years, were the epitome of cool.

The same rule applied to black jeans as well as some bright colors like red, purple, and even gold. These colored jeans were always available to add variety to the wardrobe, but were never as popular as the classic blue or black.

Striped jeans, engineer-style, also made an appearance for a short time.

The Style

One word - destructed.

The more destroyed they looked, the cooler they were. It started with just rips in the knees, but soon jeans were sold - brand new - with holes and rips spanning the entire front of the legs.

How do you make cool jeans completely rad? Peg them. Pegged jeans were huge in the 80s, just fold over the excess fabric at the ankle and roll them up a couple times.

Destructed jeans were definitely the number one item to have, but some other styles started showing up during the mid-to late-80s.

Peek-a-boo designs with bows, lace, buttons or anything metal adorned just the ankle or the entire side of the legs. Zippers, on the sides or backs of the ankles, started gaining in popularity among women.

The zippers would also come in handy when putting on the especially snug cuts that 80s jeans were famous for.