80s Jackets

As a decade of excess and flashiness that brought many trends, 80s jackets were certainly not exempt to the rules of fashion.

Weather they were classic jackets in fresh, wild colors or new trendy styles, there was a 80s jacket for everyone.

80s Members Only Jacket

One of the biggest trends in 80s jackets was the Members Only jacket. Although no one knew exactly what this jacket made you a member of, everybody wanted one.

As the advertising for the jacket stated, ‘When you put it on, something happens,’ people were putting them on in droves. The jacket itself was a polyester/cotton blend with a zip front and nylon lining.

It also came in enough colors to have one for any outfit. The collar sported two snaps attached to a strip of material that looked even cooler unsnapped and hanging down.

The bottom and wrists were elasticized rib knit, but the coolest part of the jacket was the pocket. The pocket was on the left front and had the same rib knit at the top as the waist and wrists, but the best part was the black Members Only logo tag, proving that you were, indeed, a member.

80s Denim Jackets

Though it had been around since about the 1950s, the denim jacket soared in popularity in the 80s. It was seen everywhere and paired with anything from band tees to down vests and floral dresses.

Besides the classic denim jacket cut, many other styles were popular, such as a shorter cropped jacket, suit jacket, even a trench coat. Since another trend of the 80s was stonewashed and acid-washed jeans, it found its way to this jacket, sometimes even worn with matching jeans for a head-to-toe denim look.

The denim jacket was also a fantastic blank slate that was easy to customize with any amount of metal chains, patches or buttons imaginable, usually the more the better.

80s Leather Coats

The most iconic leather jacket has to be the red and black jacket worn by Michael Jackson. This jacket, and variations of it, was a big part of the 80s.

They came in bright colors with various adornments, and were just as popular as the classic black motorcycle jacket. Many of the leather jackets made for women, even some of the men’s, had puffy sleeves and shoulder pads.

Brown bomber jackets also made a comeback, thanks in part to the movie Top Gun. Suede jackets were also part of the leather trend, often with long fringe, cropped, or both.

80s Trench Coat, Duster Jacket

Like the denim jacket, the trench coat was another favorite garment that got a makeover in the 80s. The classic khaki trench coat was still a staple, but some new styles appeared.

These new trench coats literally hit the floor, and the floor-length duster was born. You could find them in any color, in multi-colored patterns, even transparent. The material was not restricted to just cotton and nylon.

These floor-length dusters were available in leather, both classic black and brown as well as brightly colored leather.

The jackets popular in the 80s were bright, trendy, and different. Some of these 80s jackets were classics well before they made their comeback.

Like many 80s trends, some of these are on their way back - especially the Members Only Jacket.