80s Headbands

Olivia Newton-John wore one, the Karate Kid wore one, and even Rambo wore one.

We’re talking about 80s headbands – one of the hottest trends of the decade.

Like anything in the 80s, there were more than a few styles.

Cute 80s Headbands

These 80s headbands were necessary accessories for the fashion-savvy women of the decade. They offered a way to decorate your head, add something special to your outfit, and keep your hair in place.

One of the most popular types was a fabric-covered plastic headband. Depending on the look you were going for – and what type of hair you had – they could be extra wide and wrapped with layers and layers of fabric or a simple, skinny design.

If you wanted to keep it simple, your headband could also be just plain plastic in any width. This plastic variety would normally have small teeth to help keep them in place.

They came in any color imaginable, from the plain and simple to the wildest neon colors. They were also available in hot 80s patterns such as animal print or crazy geometric designs. Unlike the fabric headbands, the plastic type could also be shiny or metallic – as well as any of the same colors or patterns.

Another trend for these cute headbands was to add things to them; in the 80s, that usually meant adding a large bow on the side.

This look was extremely popular with Madonna and her fans, and looked awesome if you had big hair. Black or white lace was an especially popular fabric for these big bows, and the bigger, the better.

Athletic 80s Headbands

Those terrycloth sweatbands were not just for the gym anymore. They could add a splash of color to your outfit – perhaps a tracksuit – and they were really comfortable.

If the terry was too casual for you, there were also rolled-fabric headbands, like the one Olivia Newton-John wore in her ‘Physical’ video.

These were worn differently than the plastic and fabric-covered variety. Instead of a broken circle running from the forehead to behind the ears, these were circular and wrapped all the way around the crown of the head.

They came in any color, either solid or with stripes – and some even came with matching wristbands.

80s Bandana Headbands

This was the headband of choice for bands with big hair. The most popular bandana worn in the 80s was any traditional paisley pattern. They came in many different colors with blue, red, black, or white being the hottest colors for this trend.

The bandana headband was worn around the crown of the head like the athletic bands, but you had to fold it and tie it yourself – a skill that took some practice. You had to pay attention while you were folding it up to get just the right look when you were done.

The bandana was further accessorized by propping a pair of aviator sunglasses up on it, in true rock star style.

Whether they were used to keep your hair off your face or worn purely as a fashion statement, 80s headbands were a hot and versatile accessory of the decade.

80s style woman with big hair and blue headband.