80s Hairstyles for Women

The 80s were one of those decades that anything went. Of course, some 80s hairstyles for women were larger than life, and there was no limit to how it could be styled, especially with a little help from a giant can of hairspray.

Basic Big 80s Hair

Gravity had no effect on 80s hairstyles for women. These styles were as big as physics would allow, but they needed quite a bit of help from styling products like Dippity-Do gel and Aqua Net hairspray.

With these products, even women with pin-straight hair could have larger than life hair.

The bangs were literally the biggest part of this hairstyle. All you had to do was curl, spray, tease, and spray some more. They definitely added height, and some of the best bangs were at least half the length of your face, but went the opposite direction.

Some bang styles left a thin layer of straight bangs that were curled under, covering the forehead and making the bangs on top look that much bigger.

Long hair was the perfect complement to the big bang hairstyle. It was always wavy or curly, and in order to get the look, you had to either commit to a perm or spend some serious time in the bathroom with a curling or crimping iron.

The Asymmetrical Look

If you either weren’t into – or couldn’t achieve – the big hair that was so popular during the decade, there was another style that you could try…the asymmetrical cut. Geometric shapes and clean lines were also popular in the 80s, so this hairstyle was a great alternative.

These styles could be as extreme as a half-shaved head or as subtle as simply cutting one side shorter than the other. It could be sleek and simple or spiky and wild.

If bangs were part of this style, they could be thick, blunt, and straight, or cut at a funky angle across the forehead. This style was especially popular with the punk crowd.

80s Side Ponytail Hairstyle

This quick and easy style was a good way to get the asymmetrical look without committing to a permanent cut.

All you had to do was gather your hair off to one side and secure it tightly with the scrunchie of your choice. If it looked like you had half a facelift, it was perfect. This look could also be combined with big bangs to give the top height.

The Femullet

Similar to the 80s mullet that was popular with men, the female version of the mullet also had short hair above the ears with long hair in the back. It usually had a much softer look with extra layers to blend the two lengths.

The top could be teased and feathered like the big hairstyle, or could take on a funky, spiky look in more of a punk style.

There were more than enough 80s hairstyles for women to choose from, you just had to work with what you had and get a great cut from a skilled stylist. Big, teased and sprayed, one-sided, or with a party in the back, these styles were fun and kept the hair product industry in business.