Womens 80s Hairstyles - 80s Hair Men

For men and women in the 80s the rule for hair was the bigger, the better.

Long hair on both men and women was teased, doused in hairspray and mousse.

The hair was forced up and out to incredible proportions.

Women especially were known for their hairstyles with big curls and big bangs; even short haircuts were given maximum volume.

Long hair on men was nothing new after the hippies, but in the 80s it took on a whole new meaning.

Hard rock “hair bands” made it trendy for men to use just as much hair product as women in their long locks.

It wasn’t unusual to see a man with a perm or as much hairspray in his hair as his female date.

Men bleached and processed their hair in ways that had been previously reserved for women.

The decade was also known for some off the wall 80s hairstyles.

From punk-rock half-shaved looks and Mohawks, to the strange and inexplicable look attributed to the band A Flock of Seagulls, the 80s kept hair interesting to say the least.

Bright colors were very trendy, and orange, blue, and bright red hair topped off the wild haircuts.

It was also the decade of the mullet hairstyle. The short on top, long in the back haircut was seen on men and women.

The top portion of the hair could be teased up and sprayed in place while the back lay flat, or it was equally popular to give the whole thing lift and a good coat of hairspray.

Mullets ranged from somewhat conservative shorter cuts to the extreme in length on the back and volume up top.

The more “preppy” and conservative people of the day wore feathered bangs (even the men), and curly perms.

Even the hair that was considered “preppy” still had a good deal of volume to it, if perhaps a little less hairspray!

Man with a 80s mullet hairstyle with shaved lines on side of head.