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80s Hair for Men

A lot of attention was given to women’s hair in the 80s, but 80s hair for men was equally rad.

Men in the 80s had many hairstyles to choose from and different ways to add some style to their hair.

The 80s Mullet

One of the trendiest styles of 80s hair for men was the mullet. It was the hairstyle with the split personality—business in front and party in back.

The top could take on any look, but to qualify for mullet status, the hair had to be above the ears.

Whether the hair was spiked, curly, or feathered, the front gave absolutely no indication of what was going on in the back. The back was free to do whatever it wanted, and grow as long as the wearer wanted to have it.

Some famous men who sported mullets were Richard Dean Anderson of MacGyver, Bono, Rick Springfield, David Bowie, and members of Duran Duran.

The 80s Mohawk

Popular with the punk crowd, the mohawk took on a life of its own, with the assistance of liberal amounts of gel and hairspray. The sides were normally super short or shaved while a strip of long hair ran from the forehead to the back of the neck.

This strip of hair, combed straight up, tested the abilities of these styling products; you needed good stuff, and a lot of it.

The mohawk also happens to be very versatile. The length of the strip of hair determines the height of the mohawk; some men liked this style short and manageable while others wanted the biggest, highest fan possible.

The bright colors that were hot in the 80s were the perfect complement for this style. Neon green, orange, blue, or any other loud color looked rad. Instead of the traditional fan mohawk, the hair could be divided into sections and formed into separate spikes, or liberty spikes, which could be any color of the rainbow, or each a separate color.

The mohawk was mostly seen in the punk community—and on the famous tv personality Mr. T.

Feathered Mens Hair in the 80s

Feathered hair was one of the biggest hair trends for men in the 80s. Cut a little longer to give the desired effect, feathered hair also sometimes required a curling iron.

Parting the hair down the middle or off to the side made a starting point for the feathered waves. This style could be either short or long, making it versatile enough for anyone.

Because this look was acceptable in the workplace, it was one of the most popular looks of the 80s.

Big 80s Hair for Men

As seen on rock stars everywhere, big hair was, well, really big in the 80s. These luscious locks were curled, teased, feathered, and sprayed into big, fluffy, cascading waves of perfection. Not only was this hair big on top, but also extremely long.

Frequently paired with bandanas and makeup, this big hair sometimes prompted parents to ask, “Who are those girls?” Bands that had the perfect big hair look down to a science were Poison, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, and Guns N’ Roses.

There were just as many styles of 80s hair for men as there were for womens hairstyles. The 80s embraced anything new and different, and men’s hair was no exception.

Man with a 80s mullet hairstyle.