80s Furniture

Everything had a unique style in the 80s, and furnishings were no different. Houses and apartments full of 80s furniture had eye-catching pieces and fresh new colors.

Whether it was a sophisticated and tasteful home or a totally rad apartment, there was furniture to suit anyone’s style.

A big trend in 80s furniture was the sectional or wrap around sofa. This type of sofa offered plenty of seating, and quite often, the separate sections could be rearranged to customize the piece to fit the room.

Furniture that served more than one purpose was a must-have. Sofa beds, futons, and ottomans with storage inside them were both space saving and convenient.

Pastels and floral patterns were the fabric colors of choice for sofas and chairs. Other popular colors included peach, pink, teal, and mauve. If you were lucky, you could even find matching drapes or curtains.

Big flowers, small flowers, pastel solids and strips, as well as light-colored solid pieces were popular and often sold in sets, including the end tables and coffee table.

Glass was also a big trend during the decade. Glass-topped nightstands, end tables, coffee tables, and even dining room tables used glass as the home decor of choice in many stylish homes of the 80s.

Entertainment centers and cabinet doors also featured lots of glass, making decorating inside cabinets with plates and flowers another big trend. It also displayed all the newest high-tech electronics that were available in the 80s. To accentuate and complement all the glass, brass and other reflective metals were a popular choice, though they were not easy to keep clean.

For a more casual look, wicker and rattan were also popular. Floral patterns on these cushions were also popular, and the removable cushions made it cheap and easy to redecorate the entire room.

Modern furniture with straight lines and a futuristic feel were popular choices. The style was very clean looking. Sleek metals and smooth fabrics helped give the room a fresh look.

Leather was as popular as ever, and an extremely durable and washable new material called microsuede started to break onto the upholstery scene. Geometrical and abstract patterns in bold colors were popular looks for upholstered furniture, especially if triangles were involved.

Window treatments were usually blinds or shades, instead of ruffled drapes and curtains, to complement the sleek, modern look of the furniture.

The younger crowd tended to incorporate a lot of color, and neon was huge in the 80s, so there were plenty of choices as far as colors. A trendy look was using a lot of black and white accented with one or two bright colors. Any artwork, sculptures, or throw pillows would be a good way to incorporate these accent colors

Lamps in bright colors matched or contrasted the rest of the furniture, and strategically placed mirrors were popular to reflect the trendiness.

Everyone had a 80 style they wanted to express through interior design, and 80s furniture offered any pattern or shape to suit any mood.