80s Fashion

Fashion in the 80s was all about expressing your individual fashion style.

The 80s fashion had some of the loudest and most outrageous styles.

80s fashion was about bright colors (remember neon?). Huge accessories and lots of them.

Metallic fabrics all made their way into both mens and womens fashion in the 80s.

Glamour was in, and nothing about the way people dressed in the 80s was understated.

Womens style in the 80s came in a wide range of looks - from comfortable and casual to tight and revealing.

Picture Madonna in her “Like a Virgin” video and you have one of the hottest 80s fashion looks. A tulle skirt was paired with a lacy bustier, leggings and the pop superstar’s famous fingerless lace gloves.And of course, there were the 80s accessories!

Madonna started the trend of wearing piles of costume jewelry: dozens of rubber bracelets, and multiple long necklaces with large pendants or crosses.The 80s style was topped off with a pair of granny boots.

80s Pants and 80s Shirts

Tight 80s jeans or leggings worn with an oversized shirt, preferably one that hung off the shoulder on one side.

This 80s fashion style was borrowed from actress Jennifer Beals in the movie Flashdance and was the casual wear of the decade.  The shirt could be worn loose or belted low on the hips.

80s Leg Warmers

Who could forget those sexy leg warmers in the 80s?

The exercise trend gave us a number of 80s fashions, but leg warmers are by far the most memorable.

Women wore them with both sneakers and with high heeled shoes, matching them with any number of possible outfits, and they came in every fashionable color imaginable.

80s Mini Skirts and High Heels

The tightest, shortest skirts were in style and worn with the highest stiletto heels. They were made of clinging spandex material or of denim, and were often joined by the ever-present leg warmers.

Often entire mini dresses were made of the same spandex material – it’s a good thing women in the 80s were so fond of aerobics to step out in these skintight outfits!

80s Shoulder Pads

Originally a part of the working woman’s power suit, big shoulder pads were a fashion statement and became popular in everything from jackets to blouses thanks to the stars of the hit show Dynasty.

The resulting silhouette would have made any football player proud.

Women weren’t the only ones with a lot to choose from.

80s fashion trends for men were as varied and sometimes just as bright and extravagant as what the womens fashion was!

Mens 80s Fashion

The male counterpart of the Madonna look was taken from the King of Pop. Military inspired leather jackets and pants, most often in black or red, sunglasses and of course, the single white glove mirrored Jackson’s look in the hit video for Thriller.

What man in the 80s didn’t want to be Don Johnson? The suave actor popularized white or light colored suits with the jacket sleeves rolled up, worn over pastel or brightly colored t shirts.

This mens 80s fashion look was completed with loafers, no socks please, and of course the favorite fashionable 80s sunglasses.

80s Preppy Fashion

The wealthy Ivy League set preferred a more conservative fashion style.

This look, immortalized in numerous 80s movies by rich and usually snobby characters, featured designer label polo shirts (Ralph Lauren or Izod) with khaki pants and once again, loafers.

The finishing touch on any preppy fashion look was a monogrammed sweater tied around the shoulders.

80s Athletic Wear

80s track suits, head and wrist bands, sneakers made by Adidas and Reebok came out of the gym and onto the streets, although most men weren’t jogging in them!

In the 80s era what you wore said a lot about you – from your financial status to your taste in music.

The carefree era of being yourself was expressed through 80s fashions that ranged from casual and conservative to extravagant and colorful, but all of it memorable.

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