80s Fashion Trends

The fashion trends in the 80s ranged from ultra-conservative to extremely wild and everything in between.

From the office to the night clubs, the 80s fashion trends offered a lot of choices for every possible fashion need.

The business men and women of the 80s were dressed to the nines in their power suits.

With large shoulder pads, thin ties, fine leather shoes and designer labels, the offices of America were filled with the best-dressed employees in the world.

The large shoulder pads common to the woman’s suit in the 80s carried over into after-work fashions in blouses, dresses, jackets and just about anything a shoulder pad could be added to.

Outside the office, it was very nearly anything goes. Some of the popular fashion trends for women included large, oversized shirts with tight pants or leggings, shirts that had an open neck and hung off one shoulder, and denim fashion was just about everywhere from jeans to jackets to skirts.

Another popular fashion trends in the 80s imitated pop star Madonna, with bustiers, lacy skirts, gloves with the fingers cut off and large costume jewelry.

Men had fashion trends as well, they wore denim too – jeans and jackets, usually stone or acid washed.

Pants and jackets made of leather were equally common, especially in the style worn by singer Michael Jackson.

Also popular fashion trends for men were white suits with the sleeves rolled up, worn over t-shirts in pastel or bright colors, a look taken from the TV show Miami Vice.

The more conservative and generally wealthy men went for the 80s fashion trend the preppy look – polo shirts with labels like Ralph Lauren, khaki pants, and loafers with a sweater tied around the neck.

Bright colors were a fashion trend of the 80s, and neon especially was popular for both men and women. It was worn most often in t-shirts and accessories, but also the popular spandex tights.

The fashion trends in the 80s always made a statement, and the message came across loud and clear.

A trendy looking woman with 80s style hair and makeup.