80s Fads

Looking back at fad choices in the 80s, It doesn’t matter if you had all the fashion know how you probably would still laugh at your 80s styles.

That’s because 80s fads set the bar pretty high for just how far we would go for attention in the new music television decade.

But nostalgia is a tricky thing, and if we didn’t stop to occasionally remind ourselves exactly how loud the 80s fads were, we might start to miss them.

Tight-Rolled Jeans Fad

This fad wasn’t something you did to baggy or even loose-fitting pants. Jeans, preferably white or very light-colored, had to be worn snug in order to get the best roll at the ankles.

Then, these tight rolls were tucked into scrunch socks, and the ensemble was considered complete when worn with tennis shoes that you would never dream of actually working out in.

Inexplicably, tight tops were not usually the best option for shirts to wear with tight-rolled jeans, big T-shirts or puffy jackets with this style of jeans were the standard uniform in the 80s.

Jelly Shoes Fad

Right around the same time that tight-rolled jeans were reaching max popularity, plastic “jellies” became all the rage. This was one 80s trend that every girl could take part in because endless colors and sizes of jellies were available for as little as $5, and almost every clothing store had a bin of these for fashion-conscious customers to rummage through.

Created out of a soft, pliable plastic that provided a lot of necessary ventilation for the feet, pastel jellies were the most in demand, but they were available in shocking neons, too.

And don’t think for a minute that weather ever stoped this 80s fashion trend, just because warm weather ended, these summer sandals didn’t have to.

Bright, white socks (but never any other color) were often paired with jellies to make these shoes one of the longest-lasting fads of the 80s.

Mesh Muscle Shirts for Men Fad

Fashion fads straight out of the gym created men who wore tank tops and mesh shirts cut right below the pecs.

This fad was “cool” with or without a hairy stomach and regardless of whether a man actually planned on spending any time at the gym that day – but if working out was on his agenda, short shorts were a must with this top.

Leg Warmers Fad

Leggings started coming back into style a couple of years ago, but leg warmers seemed completely forgotten about for a while.

A pair of leg warmers is an 80s fad that was not only fashionable but practical, too.

You can wear them with your favorite miniskirt, also scrunched-up leg warmers allow you to feel more comfortable during the day or night.

Leg warmers also provide you more options for the type of footwear you can slip on with skirts and pants, they look great with a high heel, but they also look nice with your favorite pair of sneakers or Chuck Taylors.

Leg warmers are especially great for fall and spring when the weather is so unpredictable.

You can also use them as "arm" warmers.

Motorcycle Jackets Fad

This 80s fad never went out of style for a select few rebels, but you don't have to be a trailblazer anymore to wear a leather or even pleather motorcycle jacket.

The jackets of the 80s were adorned with way too many zippers, but today's styles are a little more low-key, and you can find plenty online without any gratuitous zippers at all or just one or two if that's more your style.

If you are really going for the retro look, don't stick with boring black – nothing says 80s like purple, yellow, or neon green. Do stay with a solid color, though; these awesome styles only fail when they start looking way too busy.

The best 80s fads speak for themselves as soon as you throw them on. Fashion today can seem pretty routine, but the 80s fashions were all bold.