80s Dresses

The 80s dresses gave woman many fashion choices.

It was a great way to wear a number of fashion trends all at once.

For example, a skintight and very short 80s dress with shoulder pads and bright colors combines three different 80s trends in one!

The 80s was the last decade when women really wore dresses a lot.

Glamour was in style, and the 80s dresses reflected it.

Bold prints, a lot of ruffles and ruching, and huge bows were just some of the ways dress styles were given an 80s makeover.

From the casual to the most elegant, all of the 80s fashions for dresses stood out in a crowd.

Dresses in the 80s often used floral patterns – a particular style of floral dress from the clothier Laura Ashley had a huge boom.

Another great look of the 80s was the denim dress, which was at once very casual but could also be dressed up for evening.

Dresses reminiscent of power suits were also popular – with lapels, buttons and large shoulder pads all included in one wardrobe piece.

Although they initially came around in the 60’s, the 80s were the decade when the mini dress really took off.  Super tight, super short, and super revealing, these were not for the faint of heart.

They were made especially popular by Christina Applegate in the role of Kelly Bundy on the hit TV show Married with Children.

Details were what made a dress an 80s fashion hit. Draping fabrics, ruching at the shoulders, wide belts across the waist, all of these took a dress from boring to fabulous 80s style.

Dress fabric patterns were important too! In addition to florals, polka dots were very common, often in bright colors like pink.

From the office to the prom, there was a 80s dress for every occasion and women in the decade wore them all to the best possible effect.

Woman wearing a 80s style white dress with big 80s hair and lots of beads around her neck to complete her look.