80s Denim Jackets

Denim truly took on a life of its own in the 80s. The only thing cooler than the latest acid-washed or stonewashed jeans was another totally awesome trend – the 80s denim jacket.

Classic 80s Denim Jacket

The 80s denim jacket, in its simplest form, was a resurrection of the 50s cut and style – it was cool and casual.

Only in the 80s, the collar was popped and the denim was usually acid-washed, to complement all the awesome jeans.

The anatomy of this classic jacket had clean lines and a simple silhouette. Metal buttons ran down the middle with one or two matching buttons on the wrists of the long sleeves. It also had the same buttons on the two front pockets.

In addition to the various shades of acid-wash – from the lightest to the darkest blue – they also came in white and black, which could also be acid-washed.

The denim fabric used to make these jackets was normally a heavy weight, which made them perfect for that extra layer in the spring or fall when a winter jacket would be too much.

They could also be found in a lighter weight so you could still look cool in warmer weather.

Denim Jackets Versatility and Style

The jacket itself was cool enough, but to make it even cooler, there were different ways to wear it and even more ways to adorn it.

The sleeves were usually unbuttoned and rolled up, and the collar was even cooler when it was turned up, or popped.

Because these jackets were popular during the decade of excess, it was only natural to treat the garment like the blank slate that it was. By adding pins or patches of your favorite bands, popular phrases, and characters – anything you wanted – to make the jacket truly unique.

Any type of embroidering or ‘bedazzling’ was also fair game. Your jacket was that one of a kind piece you could customize and wear every day of the week.

Adding further to the versatility of this jacket, it could be worn with anything from matching denim jeans to mini-skirts. It was also popular with every social group, all had one of these awesome jean jackets.

Variations of 80s Denim Jackets

The classic denim jacket was the pinnacle of coolness, but there were variations in style. One of the most popular was a cropped women’s style. This jacket was much shorter than the classic jacket, with the bottom a little shorter than waist length.

The length could also go the other way – trench coats and ‘dusters’ were popular cuts for outerwear during the 80s. Adding some acid-washed denim put a completely new twist on a long-time favorite.

The jacket also looked great if you cut the arms off, giving it a frayed, edgy look. If you wanted to take the look even further, you could cut off the waistband, as well.

As one of the most timeless pieces in a wardrobe, the 80s denim jacket was a staple that everyone had. It could keep you warm and make you look awesome at the same time, whether you went with a ton of New Kids on the Block pins or heavy metal or punk patches.

Pretty brunette woman, that is wearing a 80s style jeans jacket.