80s Decor

Your home is your castle. How you furnish and embellish this home is a reflection of your personality—or the latest trends.

Every decade a look, and 80s decor was quite different from today.

Flowers were a popular 80s decor Does the name Laura Ashley ring a bell?

She not only designed iconic 80s dresses, but also provided many homes with the hottest in fabrics for 80s decor—the floral print.

Flowers bloomed everywhere in the home. In the living room, 80s furniture such as couches and chairs were covered in floral upholstery, but it didn’t stop there. There was floral wallpaper, floral throw pillows, and floral curtains and drapes.

In the bedroom, there were entire floral bed sets with matching sheets, comforters and lots of matching throw pillows.

Anything that could have flowers, right down to lampshades and throw rugs, had them in abundance. There was a floral color theme to suit any taste, whether it was mauves, blues, pinks, or neutral backgrounds.

Adding to the outdoor look of a plethora of flowers, wicker and rattan furniture found its way indoors and sported floral cushions.

There was also the sleek and minimalistic 80s decor. Some homes went for the modern look.

These homes used a lot of black and white, as well as chrome and other reflective metals. These colors were the perfect backdrop to accent with one or two brighter colors, even neon.

Mirrors played a big part in creating this 80s modern decor look. These mirrors reflected light, making the room appear bigger and brighter. They came in all shapes and sizes, and the more futuristic-looking, the better. In addition to hanging them on walls, mirrors were also on closet doors, usually the entire door front.

Unlike the floral home, there wasn’t much busyness to speak of. Solid or monotone patterns were ideal, and there were minimal knick-knacks on shelves. A tasteful flower arrangement or sculpture strategically placed was more than enough.

80s Decor Trends

Neutral carpeting was popular to create a blank slate for the rest of the room. The neutral carpeting also made it easy to choose a paint color for the walls with salmon, peach, teal, and light pinks and blues being some of the more popular choices.

Of course the 80s were all about color, so if neutral wasn’t for you, you could also choose from many dark colored carpets—hunter green, dark mauve, and navy blue were some of the more popular dark colors.

Another 80s home decor trend was shiny brass hardware, which was common on everything from light fixtures to faucets. Anything that featured glass was also popular, such as tables and cabinets.

All-white decor was increasingly common. It included everything from carpeting to walls to furniture and decorative items. Sometimes the all-white room was paired up with the brass and glass trends to create a light and airy room.

If you wanted something different and wild, there was also never a shortage of animal prints paired with bright colors.

Another trend that started in the 80s was the Southwestern look. Fabrics would feature Aztec or Navajo patterns on everything from couches and throw rugs to paintings and sculptures.

Everyone has different tastes, and 80s decor offered something for everyone. If you loved flowers, you were in luck, because they were everywhere.

There was no shortage of bright colors or geometric designs for the non flower decor look. The 80s home had very distinct decor in as many different styles as there were different tastes.