80s Dancing

80s dancing reached new heights of popularity thanks to MTV and a series of movies where dancing was the central theme.

From Pat Benetar’s Love is a Battlefield shimmy to the Bangles hit Walk Like an Egyptian.

80s dancing was a craze after craze emerge from music videos and stage performances of the hottest musicians of the day.

People just wanted to move to the 80s music.

Movies such as Flashdance and Footloose inspired even more of the series of 80s dancing fads that lasted throughout the decade.

80s dancing moves had cool names, such as the Cabbage Patch Dance, the Robot dance, and the Running Man Dance.

Perhaps the best-known and most attempted 80s dance move of the decade was the Moonwalk dance. When singer Michael Jackson debuted the move in the early 80s, everyone wanted to know how to do it.

The seemingly simple step confounded young and old, and mastering it earned high honors on the dance floor.

While most of the 80s dancing crazes moved away from couples dancing and towards moves done alone or in a group, the most notable exception was the steamy dance moves performed by the cast from the hit film Dirty Dancing.

Dance schools across the country offered lessons and the dance scenes from the movie even inspired a stage show that toured the country.

Later in the 80s the same style of dancing saw a reprise in the form of the Lambada, showcased in two more movies.

The 80s was the decade when break dancing hit its peak of popularity. Starting as an urban form of competitive dance in the inner city.

The moves swept across America in the early 80s.  Featured in films, music videos and on television, break dancing came to be one of the signature dances of the decade.

No matter what the style, everyone got out on the dance floor in the 80s and showed off their dance moves!

3 people dancing that are dressed in 80s style clothes, 2 women in the back and 1 guy in the front; they are dancing and having fun.