80s Costumes

A great theme for parties is the "blast from the past," and whether you're celebrating Halloween or just the average get-together, finding 80s costumes should be your number one priority.

No other decade had odder characters as the main focus of real-life, everyday sitcoms and movies.

When you choose one of these 80s characters, you also get a laugh or draw attention to you for the whole night, too.

Of course, ladies can always go with the generic valley girl, punk girl, or Madonna 80s costume for a retro party, and men can dress as an oily beau hunk, computer nerd or Alex P. Keaton, but you're going to need to do more than that if you really want to stand out.

Some of the following costumes can be found online, but for the creative 80s costume connoisseur, making it yourself may be the only way to go.

There are a few 80s costumes out there that are pretty easy to make yourself, but there are also those that require dedication to your craft. One great idea for both procrastinators and planners alike is the Karate Kid.

This costume requires only a bandanna to form a perfect 80s headband and a martial arts gi with a belt to get the minimum effect, but you can also make it all your own by sewing the bonsai tree logo on the back or having a patch made that you can iron on.

Another great costume for men is Lloyd Dobler, the man every woman from the 80s wants for herself. You will get recognized as Lloyd when you recreate the iconic scene from "Say Anything" with just a T-shirt, jeans, trench coat, and a boom box.

If you are known for going all out, there are some other great 80s costumes out there.

A full-sized Howard the Duck will definitely be the life of the party, and Alf with his classic Hawaiian shirt could probably score a lot of points during an 80s party.

Going as a Garbage Pail Kid will take not only a lot of creativity but also a lot of self-confidence to pull off, but no one will ever forget the person who showed up as Snot or Puke and still had a great time.

By far, the most adorable choice from the 80s for either gender is definitely the beloved star of "The Gremlins." Your Gizmo doesn't even have to talk if you don't want to – you can get through the night with several well-placed squeaks and purrs.

That's all anyone could expect from you after you exhausted all of your resources creating one of the best 80s costumes of all time. Have fun trying to top that next year though.