80s Costume Ideas

80s Dress up Party Ideas.

80s costumes are a lot of fun to wear and really easy to put together.

The 80s offer a lot of potential choices for costume ideas and half the fun is choosing which memorable 80s costume you want to recapture!

For Womens 80s costume ideas,the possibilities are nearly endless.

You could choose to dress up like one of the famous female celebrities of the 80s. Try a Madonna look, with a bustier, lacy fingerless gloves, a tulle skirt and a pile of rubber bracelets and long necklaces.

Or, imitate Cyndi Lauper, with bright orange hair (you might want a wig) and a skirt made out of long strips of newspaper or fabric, again paired with a bustier.

The Jennifer Beals look from Flashdance is an easy and popular 80s style. To put together this outfiit find a large sweatshirt and cut the neck hole larger so that it hangs off one shoulder. Then simply pair it with leggings or tight jeans.

Other great 80s costume ideas for women are – a pair of torn jeans with an 80s heavy metal band t-shirt, or a shiny, metallic prom dress with huge puffy sleeves.

Don’t forget the hairspray, you will need some really big hair to complete the look!

Mens 80s costume ideas are easy too. Just like for women, torn jeans and a rock band t-shirt fit the bill nicely.

Or, if you can get your hands on a leather jacket and pants, you can head out looking like Michael Jackson – and don’t forget the single glove!

Men can also choose a Miami Vice costume – pair a white suit with a colored t-shirt and roll up the sleeves. Finish the look with sunglasses and loafers.

The preppy look is another easy male 80s costume idea for a classic look! Khaki pants with a polo shirt and a sweater tied around your shoulders are all you need.

Thrift stores and online auctions like eBay are great places to find affordable pieces to put together the perfect 80s costume.

You can also find a large selection of 80s costumes here.

A woman is wearing a 80s rocker style costume.