80s Clothes

Although the disco-loving ’70s come close, there is no other decade known for promoting individual style like the 1980s did.

Whether the fabric you rocked was pleather, velvet, or electric-style anything, 80s clothes are memorable for their vibrancy, color and – above all – attitude.

Retro fashions always make a comeback at some point, but elements of 80s clothes have worked their way into a ton of fashion choices today, and many staples from the 80s seem to be secretly fueling the hipster movement.

If you never want to run into someone wearing the same thing as you, 80s clothes are definitely the way to go.

Best of all, a lot of clothes in the 80s really flatter a woman’s body. Dark, chunky leg warmers over colorful tights smooth over any imperfections to make your legs and calves look thinner, or you can turn them into arm warmers by matching them with a tank to show off your beautiful shoulders and hide elbows or none-too-firm triceps.

You might see another lady wearing leg warmers, but probably never the same color as you are, and definitely not on her arms.

Another way to easily incorporate some 80s flair into your style is to use a scarf to tie up your hair. Just put your hair into a ponytail as usual, and then tie a scarf around the base. Earn bonus points for extra-long scarves and neons.

Men can rock out some 80s styles pretty easily, too, but forget about acid-washed jeans and parachute pants. Instead, think Miami Vice meets New Order – throw on a bright, shiny blazer with thin lapels and become the most daring man in the room.

If you are too timid to go with bright colors, choose a velvet jacket that gets you personal attention in a more laid-back way.

Women’s business suits in the 80s were atrocious (and what ever happened to all those shoulder pads?), but this is one area where men got lucky. They could pair a cheap but well-tailored suit with a colorful skinny tie and call it a day.

For men who want to rock the 80s without becoming a metrosexual, military surplus clothing asserts a punky, 80s look without much effort at all. Match the jacket with either boots or high tops – your choice to get the 80s clothes look you want.

Whether you go with a Members Only jacket or the Army top, adding wristbands is another way to jet right back into the 1980s. You can find a lot of styles and colors right now online, and make sure to grab a sweatband!

With all of the options available, you can incorporate a retro piece or two into your outfit every day, which is more likely to create a signature look for you. No matter what you end up wearing, people around town will come to expect a unique take on the 80s from you.

And don’t worry – the only way to become an 80s fashion disaster is to go overboard. Just remember not to wear your leg warmers, biker shorts, jelly shoes, and skinny ties all at the same time, and your individual pieces of flair will stand out that much more.

People bold enough to sport 80s clothes deserve the attention they get, but you want to make sure you’re raising eyebrows for the right reasons.

Woman wearing 1980s style clothes with a bow in her hair.