Bands in the 80s

The bands in the 80s represent a wide variety of musical styles.

But these 80s bands all have a few things in common.

They sold millions of records!

80s bands played sold-out shows and are still remembered to this day for their impact on the music industry.

The 80s band police, led by front man Sting (who later had a successful solo career), were at the top of their game. With three top ten albums in the 80s and more top ten singles.

Similar in their success, U2 climbed the charts as one of the bands in the 80s, and sold millions of records.

Both bands continued to see success well past the 1980s and have taken their place among the best of the best – but the 80s were when these bands made their name.

Also a chart-topper in the 80s, the group Genesis launched the successful solo careers of both Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel.

The age of hard rock bands began in the decade, and top selling albums from 80s bands like Guns N’ Roses (who had the #4 best selling album with Appetite for Destruction).

AC/DC (they had the #2 best selling album of the decade with Back in Black).

Bon Jovi, and Def Leppard (both of whom had albums in the top 15 of the 80s) ruled the charts.

Their legions of fans lined up for hours to obtain concert tickets, and t-shirts bearing these 80s bands names and logos and became part of the uniform for the rock n roll lifestyle.

While New Wave 80s bands may not have sold as many albums as some of their contemporaries, they were nonetheless wildly popular and their names are remembered as some of the best bands in the 80s.

Top New Wave troupes include Duran Duran, Culture Club, Depeche Mode, The Thompson Twins, INXS and Eurythmics.

Their modern, electronic sound helped to define the decade.

All of these 80s bands and their different sounds made it a great decade in music, never to be duplicated.