80s Band Shirts

No matter what kind of music you were into, there was always a rad way to proudly, and publicly, display your 80s band choice.

Some 80s band shirts were light and fun, while others were dark and weird, but that just comes with the territory.

Metal 80s Band Shirts

Heavy metal was notorious for the 80s band shirts with the rough language and strange graphics. Luckily, most bands had more than a couple of shirt choices.

Most 80s bands also had their logo or name on the front of the shirt in their recognizable font. A cool T-shirt could also be an image of their newest album cover on the front and mostly all on black backgrounds.

The shirts featured the best bands of the day with Slayer, Metallica, AC/DC, Guns ‘N Roses, and Motley Crue being among them.

Heavy metal bands in the 80s had some of the coolest logos. There is the sharp AC/DC with a lightning bolt, Aerosmith had the wings, and Metallica had their trademark lightning bolt looking ‘M’ and ‘A’ at the beginning and end of their name.

80s Pop Band Shirts

The pop shirts were much happier than the metal variety. Instead of the heavy graphics seen on metal shirts, pop shirts usually featured images of the performer or band on the front. They were also much lighter in color and usually on a white background, frequently making use of bright neon colors.

One of the most legendary shirts of the decade was the Frankie Say Relax or Frankie Says Relax shirt – lyrics from Relax, A Frankie Goes to Hollywood song. It was a simple shirt; just big black letters on a white background or white on a black background.

Some other classic 80s band shirts include Prince’s Purple Rain shirt with him on a motorcycle wearing a purple suit, an Andy Warhol style New Kids on the Block, any close-up shots of Madonna, and the simple design of Michael Jackson’s red, white, and black Beat It shirt.

Hip-Hop - Rap 80s Band Shirts

Hip-hop really started taking off in the 80s with Run-DMC being one of the most legendary groups. They made Adidas even cooler, and they incorporated the logo on their shirts. It was a simple shirt with heavy parallel lines and RUN-DMC smack in the middle.

Some other hip-hop and rap artists with great shirts were The Sugar Hill Gang, Kurtis Blow, The Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, and EPMD.

One thing you could usually count on seeing on any of these shirts, regardless of genre, was the tour name and all the dates and locations of the shows on the back of the shirt.

You couldn’t help but read the entire list if you were sitting behind someone wearing one of these shirts or they were standing in line in front of you.

Surprisingly, or not, most of these 80s band shirts are quite the collector’s items. When a reprint just won’t do, people have shelled out a few dollars for some of their favorites. The thinner and more worn a band shirt is the better.