80s Bag

The perfect accessory to any great outfit, wild or not, was an equally great 80s bag.

They came in a wide range of sizes, from tiny to gigantic, and tons of different styles and colors – putting the ‘fun’ in functional.

The Practical Bag

This efficient 80s bag was small and rectangular, but had plenty of zippered compartments for all your goodies.

There was a compartment for your checkbook – remember, this was before debit cards. There were also plenty of smaller compartments to slide in credit cards, business cards, and a license, which had a clear top so you could flash it without taking it out.

A small, zippered compartment was perfect for change, and some styles had a spot for a pair of sunglasses. They also had long straps so you could wear it diagonally across your body like a messenger bag. Some women would tie a knot in the top of the strap to adjust the length.

These bags came in canvas, leather, vinyl, and even a glossy patent leather. Like anything in the 80s, brighter was better, and these bags came in any color you wanted.

The Bermuda Bag

This versatile bag was extremely popular in the 80s. It consisted of an inner lining that was attached to wooden handles. The wooden handles had buttons on them so you could secure the outer fabric ‘cover,’ which had buttonholes.

Extra covers were sold individually, making it possible to swap out different colors and designs on your existing handles. The covers came in a variety of different colors and patterns – anything from a plain white to plaid – you could even find them with your favorite animal or flower on them.

If you were crafty enough and knew how to make buttonholes in fabric, you could even make your own covers. This unique bag had women collecting as many covers as possible to complement either their mood or outfit.

The Clutch

The simple strapless clutch was also popular in the 80s. They were the perfect bag for an evening out – whether you wanted to match your bag to your 80s outfit or make your bag the focal point.

The simpler styles were usually glossy vinyl or leather and came in classic colors like black and white. If you wanted your bag to stand out, you could go for a bright color that had adornments like bows, crystals, or sequins.

The Fanny Pack

If you didn’t want to worry about holding a bag but still needed storage, there was the infamous fanny pack. With one large main compartment and two or three smaller ones, it served the same purpose of any popular bag, only this one was worn around your waist.

Unlike other 80s bags, the fanny pack was not just for women – men also used them to tote their items.

The Jordache Bag

Some women loved their Gucci and Chanel bags, but most carried something more practical and budget-friendly.

One of the most popular was a simple design and came in any color of the rainbow. You may remember this mega-trend from long ago – the Jordache bag.

It was crescent-shaped with one zipper for the main – and only – compartment, along with a long cord for a strap, and the horse head logo in a contrasting color in the bottom corner. They were also cheap enough that you could have one to match any outfit.

Whether you carried it to make a fashion statement or just to carry your wallet and keys, there were plenty of choices for your awesome 80s bag. They could be as simple or as over-the-top as you wanted. They could even be acid-washed denim.