1980s Magazines

Whether you subscribed to them or treated yourself to one while at the supermarket, bookstore, or even the convenience store, the 1980s magazines were a great way to spend some leisure time.

Remember, this was before the age of our beloved and informative internet.

No matter what your interests were, there was a good chance that there was a magazine out there to suit your interests.

Time magazine has been one of the staples of reading material for must-know news since 1923, and the 80s were no exception. In 1982, the magazine featured an interesting change in their Person of the Year issue; that year they had the Machine of the Year, and the big winner was the home computer. In 1989, it was Planet of the Year, and the issue highlighted Endangered Earth.

Newsweek was another weekly fundamental news read that covered everything from computer stuff to the national news, and anything in between that deemed newsworthy.

The New Yorker focused on the sophisticated life in New York. It reported on political and cultural issues, but also included short stories and cartoons.

These news magazines kept the country updated on current events and politics, and on many other topics, from health to wealth.

For womens magazines most were all about the latest 80s fashions, helpful advice, fitness and beauty secrets, and important women’s issues. They often featured the most beautiful models and actresses such as Carol Alt, Gia Carangi, Brooke Shields, and Cindy Crawford, who were all among the elite. The most popular publications were Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Redbook, Shape, Self, and Mademoiselle.

There were also magazines like Women’s Day, Women’s World, and Good Housekeeping. They contained pages of advice and recipes, as well as important information on health, fitness, women’s issues, and product reviews.

One magazine that could be found everywhere was teen magazines. There were plenty of fashion and beauty magazines for teen girls. They covered everything from the newest fads to how to get rid of pimples. Some examples are Sassy, Seventeen, and Young & Modern.

Tiger Beat, Teen Beat, and Bop were another type of teen magazine. Teenage girls coveted these publications, and frequently read all of them. The magazines still covered fads and fashion—but the real focus was on the hottest heartthrobs of the 80s.

Some of the hottest covers and articles included Kirk Cameron, Christian Slater, Michael J. Fox, Johnny Depp, and Michael Jackson. The magazine even contained some full size posters.

Along with all the fashion, celebrities, news, and teen heartthrob magazines, there also seemed to be a magazine for any niche imaginable.

There were such magazines as Horse Illustrated, Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy, and Bird Talk for the animal lovers. Science nuts had Science, Discover, and Popular Science, while 80s music fans had Rolling Stone, Spin, Billboard, and even a magazine dedicated to Sheet Music.

Magazines were a great way to relax and stay current with everything going on in the world, whether it was fashion, health, fitness, politics, or beauty.

Some of the 1980s magazines that were top sellers back then were around well before the decade even started, and some of them have even gone digital.

A woman is sitting in a chair reading a magazine.